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From Sin City Social Club:

YES it's true!

The road indeed does go on forever and the party never ends! We're all just crawlin from the wreckage of SXSW but I've got to tell you it was the best SXSW yet and we're excited about all of the talent and support of this community and we're ready to blow the roof off of The Scoot Inn on Saturday night! If you live in LA - get your butts out to Chatsworth for the 3rd Annual BUCKFEST ... see below for details!

Thank you to all of our friends, family and members of THE SIN CITY SOCIAL CLUB for your unwaivering support of great music!

Austin is a truely magical place to live and we're doin' our part at keeping it the

** SATURDAY, MARCH 28th **
It's all about unadorned Texas honky-tonk and dance music, something Heybale delivers flawlessly
No Depression
w. special guests
Dave Insley & The Careless Smokers (9:30)
Shawn Nelson & The Ramblers (8:30)
* only $5 *
1308 E. 4th
Austin, TX 78702

We've been itchin' to do a show with Heybale (outside of our Annual party at Maria's Taco Xpress) and that time has finally come. Most of you know how disappointed I was when I missed Chrissie Hynde when she sat in with the boys a few weeks back. For those of you that can't normally make it out to see this legendary band on a Sunday night, here's your chance to shake your tailfeather and sleep in the next day! Not to mention we've got Shawn Nelson AND Dave Insley & The Careless Smokers to wet your wistle and get your booty warmed up on the dancefloor.

For those of you not familiar with Heybale! ... (and how could that be?!)... read on!

"Regulars at Austin's Continental Club, Heybale would stand out if for no other reason than the pedigrees of its members. Merle Haggard sideman Redd Volkaert is one of the Telecaster visionaries of his generation. Earl Ball played keys on the Byrds' Sweetheart Of The Rodeo, produced Haggard's 1970 Bob Wills tribute album, and later toured with Johnny Cash. Gary Claxton is an experienced vocalist, bassist Kevin Smith worked with Brian Setzer, and Tom Lewis drummed with the Wagoneers and Raul Malo. They deliver an effective blend of standards, including Willie Nelson's “Mr. Record Man” and Faron Young's 1971 hit “Step Aside”. It's all about unadorned Texas honky-tonk and dance music, something Heybale delivers flawlessly." - RICH KIENZLE - NO DEPRESSION MAGAZINE

"When country music was "discovered" to be more popular than rock and a host of other genres in the 90s it seemed to prompt Nashville and elsewhere to aim to be everything for everyone. To some extent they succeeded, but they gave up something in the process, and if you want to get a taste of what that something is here it is. I love these songs, and the way these guys play them and write them it's obvious they do too.I've seen them a number of times at the Continental and the audience is madeup of a crazy mixture of hipsters, drunks, punks dancing with sexy grandmas and a smattering of Austin's best musicians. The music transcends a lot ofthe usual barriers. Whether of not you went to church you can still get alittle bit of heaven on a Sunday night." -DAVID BYRNE

Dave and the boys have been hosting Thursday night "Scootenanny" over at the Scoot Inn for the past month or so and it's become one of our favorite haunts! We've been knowing Dave for a long time now and his band is... you guessed it...SMOKIN!

Shawn Nelson has been shakin' his southern rootsy rock n roll booty around town for a while now and we've been lucky enough to have had him on a few shows now! If you were at our Cosmic Corral last week then you got yourself a little taste! If you weren't then be sure to get here early cause these guys sho is fun!

Okay, ramblers, let’s get to rambling!

IF you're in the LOS ANGELES area...
** BUCKFEST 09' **
3rd annual tribute to Buck Owens & the Bakersfield Sound
At The Cowboy Palace in Chatsworth

Terry Hanson is hosting this great event that runs both Saturday and Sunday out at The Cowboy Palace in Chatsworth. A bunch of our favorite bands INCLUDING THE SIN CITY ALL STARS will be paying homage to the king of Bakersfield! I don't know if you all are aware of this but Dusty Wakeman was a Buckeroo - so ask him about playing with Buck! Anyways, on Saturday night beside heckling Bryson and the boys, you can check out DAVID SERBY, SARA GAYLE MEECH, COLDWATER CANYON, CLIFF WAGNER and TRAVIS HOWARD! All proceeds go to the Bakersfield SPCA Animal Shelter!

I don't have a whole lot of details but you can visit the venues website and dig up some more info:

Shilah Morrow
Sin City Social Club
LA * Austin * Nashville
7800 Indian Ridge Dr.
Austin, TX 78737

For more info. on events & projects please visit:

The Sin City Social Club is a renegade collective of musicians, fans, artists and industry executives brought together by shared appreciation of the art and culture that blur the lines between classic, outlaw & alt. country, punk rock, americana and indie singer songwriters. We turn fans around the globe onto the music and art we love thru our Sin City Social Club cd Samplers, live events, In flight audio programming and thru our home away from home on the internet.

** Wherever you are, Sin City is a state of mind! **

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