Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Roxwel shares SXSW conference performance videos:

Dead Confederate Live Performance (Athens, GA) - Dead Confederate performs "Get Out", "Start Me Laughing", and "The Rat" at the Roxwel SXSW 09 Showcase. link: http://www.roxwel.com/player/sxsw09deadconfederateliveatspiros.html

Dead Confederate Interview (Athens, GA) - Dead Confederate sits in the hot seat with Toby Ryan and talks about last year's SXSW opening for R.E.M., doing smaller shows this year, and also catch performance clips of "The Rat" from Roxwel's SXSW showcase. link:

Nico Vega (L.A.) - Nico Vega joins Toby Ryan during SXSW 09 and talks about their Carson Daily "Las Vegas" appearance, thoroughly enjoying coming to SXSW, and they also perform an acoustic version of their song "Beast". link:

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band (Nashville, IN) - Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band talks about touring with Flogging Molly, their love of touring and playing music, and living in beautiful Indiana.link:

Glasvegas (Glasgow, Scotland) - Glasvegas joins Toby Ryan for a very 'airy' interview. They talk about ... well, take a look for yourself! link: http://www.roxwel.com/player/sxsw09glasvegas.html

Johnny Goudie and The Little Champions (Austin, TX) - Johnny Goudie sits with Toby Ryan and talks about his first SXSW show 11 years ago, being on an independent vs. major label, and his latest record. link:

The Black & White Years (Austin, TX) - The Black & White Years sit with Toby Ryan and tell the story behind being discovered at SXSW two years ago, 'possibly' winning some Austin Chronicle awards, and also check out performance clips from their SXSW showcase. link:

Roll The Tanks (L.A.) - Roll The Tanks join Toby Ryan and talk about being on the road on their first official tour, moving to L.A. from the suburbs of Boston, and Slash's newly found heart condition. link:

Fol Chen (Highland Park, CA) - Samuel of Fol Chen joins us during SXSW 09 and talks about how their album came together, being musicians in L.A., his dislike of vests, and also catch clips of their SXSW performance. link:

Max Tundra (London, England) - Max Tundra tells us about playing his first SXSW, how he travels for shows, playing US versus UK venues, how he works out burritos from his mid section, and also catch clips of his SXSW performance. link:

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