Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Songkick to launch concert app

Songkick ( ), the home for live music on the web, is delighted to announce the availability of its Songkick Concerts app for the new Spotify Platform beta, which was unveiled today at a Spotify press conference in New York. Using the App Finder preview launched today at , users around the world can instantly find out if the artists in their Spotify Library are playing concerts in their area. The Songkick Concerts app, already hugely popular on the iPhone and iPod touch, will provide even more live music fans with access to 100,000 concerts and the best live music information at their fingertips.

“Songkick on Spotify has been one of the top requests from our users and we’re thrilled to make it happen,” said Songkick CEO and co-founder Ian Hogarth. “By making concert information easily accessible within Spotify, we’ll help fans discover and experience more live music and help artists sell out more shows.”

The Songkick Concerts app includes features to make concert-going easy and fun:

A personalized concert calendar- The app will scan the music and playlists in your Spotify Library to track your favorite artists, creating a calendar of when your artists are playing in your area.

Be the first to know about concerts- You’ll receive email notifications when a new concert is announced for your tracked artists, so you know in advance before tickets go on sale.

Make concert discovery easy- You can browse all concerts in your location and add multiple locations worldwide. As you find new favorites on Spotify, you can re-scan your library to include new artists. Going on vacation? Create a calendar for wherever you are headed.

Playlist of top tracks while you view the artist’s concert pages - An integrated music player plays the most popular songs by any artist while you look at their concert information.

One-stop shopping- For each concert, you’ll be able to view venue information including the full line-up, map and a link to buy tickets.

Your live music information conveniently organized in one place- The Songkick Concerts app on the Spotify Platform is fully integrated with your account.

The full consumer rollout of the Spotify Platform will take place later in December. For more information about the apps please visit

User Guide and FAQ- For more information on the Songkick Concerts app, and some brief instructions on how to use it, please see out user guide at

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