Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Xander Smith ou tour and in LA Aug. 7

"Oh Caitlin" is the first video from Xander Smith's debut solo record Hey San Pedro. Directed by Emmy award winning actor/director Michael A. Goorjian, this video looks the way the record sounds - lo-fi, gentle, and homespun - shot in just two hours outside Smith's apartment under his favorite tree.

The video release coincides with upcoming European tour dates, which take Smith from Los Angeles all the way to Siberia.

Fans and "Kickstarter" supporters from halfway around the world have helped Smith to coordinate these shows and street-team for Hey San Pedro. While abroad, Smith will be joined on stage by various musicians including members of UK's New Order, Sweden's Division of Laura Lee and Refused and Russia's Mumiy Troll.

HSP has received airplay on KCRW and KCSN, favorable reviews in blogs/magazines such as Variety, Uncut, BuzzbandsLA, and LA Slush, and has been consistently sold out/restocked at Amoeba since its release in May 2012. For more info on Xander Smith - please visit www.XanderSmith.com

'Oh Caitlin' - Xander Smith
Directed by Michael Goorjian

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Aug 7 - Los Angeles, CA - Genghis Cohen BMI showcase
Aug 7 - Los Angeles, CA - Genghis Cohen BMI showcase
Aug 18/19 - Riga, Latvia - Day of Riga Festival
Aug 23 - Oslo, Norway - SkuretÂ
Aug 25 - Hamburg, Germany - Hasenschaukel
Aug 26 - Manchester, UK - Blue Cat Cafe
Aug 28 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Skearin
Aug 31 - Ekaterinburg, Russia - New Bar

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