Friday, January 18, 2013

End o' week musings

Well, I'm ready for a restful weekend- how about you?

Last Saturday I danced with my swords and played percussion with Ad Hoc Consort, my Elizabethan band, at the Mason's lodge in Upland for its officers installation. It was a formal event, although it had slices of humor and the attendees seemed to appreciate our moves and grooves. They also gave us a nice, albeit simple, dinner, but it was filling.

Sunday I went with my friend Dean to see "Argo." It was a really good film, but very tense. When it ended and everyone in the film was celebrating with drinks, I was wondering where mine was... I needed one after all than tension! I sated myself with a nice lunch instead.

In the late afternoon, I went to the artists' reception for "The Wild Flowers" at the Sturt Haaga Gallery at Descanso Gardens. There was a wonderful range of work, from botanical styled paintings to abstract pieces and all with lots of vibrant color.   I especially liked the glass sculptures that dripped with dew-like drops and other jewel-like accents. I was quite partial to the botanical inspired paintings that boasted tiny helicopters, cars and other modern designs in place of the usual sprinklings of insects and lizards.

The reception trailed from the gallery to the Boddy House, where you could relax by the fireplace in the living room or settle in a comfy chair in the library. I chose the latter and pretended that my glass of wine was brandy and I had just finished writing "the great American novel." I put my daydream on hold to chat with a lovely trio that came into the room- a veterinarian and his pretty (and smart) wife and their friend. We chatted about art, the gardens and animals. 

Tuesday was a mix of emotion. I began my day interviewing Jane Kaczmarek ("Malcolm in the Middle), who is in The Snake Can opening at Odyssey Theatre in LA next week. She's the kind of person you would love to have as your next door neighbor- friendly, funny, wise and energetic.  In the afternoon I talked with David Milarch of the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, a charity organization that is trying to save and reforest old trees, like sequoias and redwoods. 

Then I was off to the Pasadena Museum of History to pick up my items from the Doo Dah Parade exhibit, which closed Sunday. Here was my sadness. Yes, I was happy to get my things back, especially my photo of Atticus, but I was a little down that the show was over. 

Tonight I have been invited to attend the Empty House Party for the Pasadena Showcase House of Design. I get to peek at the residence before the designers do their "voodoo" and speak with them about their ideas. The house is redone and then opened for self-guided tours in spring with the ticket proceeds benefitting children's music programs. 

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, you might want to consider Caltech Folk Music Society's concert with James Hurley and Severin Browne. Here's my story: 

And if you like art, learn about Adrian Santos and his unique style: 

In rotation this week: Bombastic Meat Bats, James Hurley, Severin Browne and Terrible Things.

Photos we got 'em: Two pet pics from the web and a special flower that made me smile.

Thought o' the week: Spread sunshine. I've often said here how a small thing goes a long way and it's sooo true. I know my week may sound sunny and wonderful, but it hasn't been without its stress. For example, I had to get a leak in my car's transmission fixed and readers have been calling like mad begging us not to change our comics section again. All this and the wacky weather gave me an evil headache Wednesday.

It came on at lunch, so I tried sitting in the sun for a while. This helped a bit, but I still downed aspirin. That helped a bit, but I still ended up laying in bed after work with the lights off and everything quiet. (Yes, I get migranes). I went to sleep early and felt quite a bit better yesterday.... especially when one of my special friends gave me a bright pink gerber daisy.

That simple gesture meant a lot and has added some sunshiny happiness to my desk. I placed the bloom in a vase where I can see it all day and remember how good it feels to have people in the world who treasure you back.  Pass it on (I will) and spread sunshine to someone who needs a lift.

Keep on rocking,



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