Monday, January 21, 2013

Families sought for Nanny Jo show

Hello America: SHE’S BACK!!


TLC and the producers of The Biggest Loser have come together to bring you an EXCITING new show! America’s favorite nanny, JO FROST, is back and ready to use her expertise to help all kinds of families in need – with integrity and kindness! 

Families today are more unique than ever. Backgrounds, ages, and genders are merging together as families in all sorts of new and unusual ways. One thing is certain: those new kinds of families have new kinds of problems. And NANNY JO is here to help! 

We are searching for real families that truly NEED Jo’s help! We are looking for dynamic families from all different walks of life with kids ranging anywhere from toddlers to teenagers – and even older. If you are a family dealing with a unique situation and could just really use a unique perspective to get things back on track, then JO would love to help. No situation or family dynamic is too big or too unusual. Here are some examples: 

Is your home filled with tension and relationships are just breaking down? Are you grandparents raising the kids and you just don’t know if you can handle it? Is there some sort of abuse in your family… either between parents or siblings? Are you a teenage family struggling to succeed when everyone else think you’ll fail? As working parents, have your kids had too much freedom and are now out-of-control? Are you a teenager raising your siblings and have no one to turn to? Is one of your family members getting out of prison and needs help re-entering the home? Are three generations forced financially to live in one house and the result is utter chaos? Are you a kid watching your parents’ marriage fall apart and would like help saving it? 

If any of these sounds like what your family is dealing with, WE want to speak with you! 

And remember: these are just some examples. There is no challenge that we aren’t willing to TACKLE. If you are interested or would like to nominate a family you know, we would love to hear from you ASAP as casting is currently underway! 

To be considered, email the below information to: 

Phone Number:
 Current City You Reside In: 
Children Names, and Ages: 
A description of why you need Jo’s help-please feel free to expand as much as you want

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