Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Protest the Hero raising funds for next album

 Protest the Hero has raised over $200,000 in one week via their Indiegogo campaign. Having fulfilled their obligations to their former label, the band decided to go DIY and raise the funds for their new record themselves using crowd funding platform Indiegogo.com.  Their official page can be found athttp://www.indiegogo.com/protestthehero.  The band is offering many perks on the site that are only available to contributors and that are exclusive to the new album fundraising campaign.  Protest The Hero plans to go into the studio in March to record their fourth album.
"We are finally free from all obligations and want to be in control of our ‘careers,’” says the band in a combined statement.  “In general, the record industry is backwards and we'd be stupid to renegotiate with anyone at this time.  Crowdfunding seems to be something that's working.  Whether or not this is the next thing for the music industry, it's a way that supporters of a band can know exactly where their hard earned dollars are going.  No middlemen, no commissions, no bullshit."
Indiegogo.com has been used by artists as varied as OneRepublic, Conditions and George Clinton, and it’s fast becoming the go-to website for musicians wanting to raise funds for any number of projects.  Indiegogo.com is an open platform and therefore does not curate which artists can launch projects.  It also offers flexible funding so artists can opt to keep the funds they raise even if they don't hit their goal.

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