Friday, January 18, 2013

Tartufi to release album

Having formed in 2001, the San Francisco trio comprised of Lynne Angel, Brian Gorman and Ben Thorne, has become well know for their loop-heavy sonic soundscapes, overlaying harmonies, melodies and poly-rhythms. The effect is something unlike most popular music today, an aural overhaul, a hypnotic surrender to their sound and a wonder to witness, live or on record. Topping many a "best of list" through the years and with six studio albums under their belts, these bastions of the San Francisco scene are showing no signs of slowing with the release of their new album These Factory Days (Southern Records) slated for March of 2013. Building upon their musical mosaics and seamless song-craft the recent addition of Thorne on bass has allowed the band to fully metamorphose into a three-headed creature walking the wires between chaos and cacophony, subtly and synchronicity. As one reviewer said, "Tartufi are unafraid of venturing into a complex sonic world where post-rock, psych and experimental pop are built from endless loops and pulsing polyrhythms, then blasted off into space to see what happens. The result is a beautiful, and unpredictable, wall of sound".

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