Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Rescues release album

After a turbulent ride through the highs and lows of being signed to a major label, The Rescues - the unique group of talents featuring Adrianne Gonzalez (AG), Gabriel Mann, Kyler England and Rob Giles - are now at the helm of their own ship. Funded entirely by their fans, the new album Blah Blah Love And War is now available.
The first of the new offerings was the "anthemic, emotional" (American Songwriter) Arrow,” an infectiously catchy, unmistakably Rescues song. With a memorable melody and message of determination, it became the theme song to the PledgeMusic campaign funding the effort. Another stand-out, “Everything’s Gonna Be Better Next Year,” was featured on countless New Year’s Eve playlists and hailed as “The jam that will get us through 2013.” (Buzzfeed). With its shout-along choruses, falsetto vocals, and driving pop-rock groove, the song recalls a 90’s pop-rock hit.

Produced by band member Rob Giles, Blah Blah Love And War is the highly anticipated follow up to Let Loose The Horses, released in 2009 on Universal Republic. A collection of 12 songs, the new album showcases each band member’s talents, diverse and distinct, yet equally as strong.  On their own, they each have booming solo careers. AG and England released new EPs in 2013, Giles is in a band called Circa Zero with Andy Summers of The Police, and Mann composes music for TV and film including the hit show Modern Family. Together, “They have a triumphant, modern sound that’s a little in-your-face without being overwhelming, kind of perfect for right now.” (Ryan’s Smashing Life)

Blah Blah Love And War is out now.

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