Friday, January 4, 2013

Tony Fletcher discusses The Smiths book Jan. 16 in LA

New York based, England-born Author Tony Fletcher ( gives a rare West Coast book reading, discussion and book signing for his new book, “A Light That Never Goes Out: The Enduring Saga of The Smiths”
WHAT: Tony Fletcher is the bestselling author of five non-fiction books and one novel. His biography of drummer Keith Moon, Dear Boy, has been named in many a Best Music Book list, and his biography of R.E.M., Remarks Remade, has been published in over half a dozen countries. During the 1980s heyday of the Smiths Fletcher’s magazine Jamming!, founded at a London school in 1977, regularly featured the Smiths as cover stars, and he was a co-presenter of the television show The Tube, for which he conducted Morrissey’s first television interview. Fletcher saw the Smiths in concert for the first time at the London Lyceum in 1983, and for the last time at the Kilburn National, in 1986, on their final tour.
WHY: A celebration of the music of The Smiths by  
WHEN: Wednesday January 16 2013
WHERE: Book Soup, 8818 Sunset Blvd. W. Hollywood, Los Angeles, 7pm
ABOUT THE BOOK:        In A Light That Never Goes Out: The Enduring Saga of the Smiths (Crown Archetype; on-sale December 4, 2012), bestselling authorTony Fletcher paints a vivid portrait of the fascinating personalities within this group. Fletcher was granted detailed interviews with dozens of key players, including Marr and Rourke, and was loaned or provided access to more letters, company memos, and contracts than any previous author or journalist writing about the Smiths. Fletcher introduces us to the band in a rich narrative: Morrissey, the witty, literate lead singer     whose loner personality and complex lyrics made him an icon for teenagers who felt forlorn and forgotten; his songwriting partner Marr, the gregarious guitarist who became a rock god for a generation of indie kids; and the talented but underappreciated rhythm section of bassist Rourke and drummer Joyce.
A contributor over the years to a multitude of magazines, newspapers, radio and television shows, primarily in the UK and USA, Fletcher now lives with his wife and two sons on a mountaintop near the village of Woodstock in New York State. There he runs, skis, maintains his web site, serves on his local school board,and plays Hammond B-3 and Rickenbacker in the Catskill 45s, a group that only performs songs from 45 calendar years ago. They look forward to covering the Smiths as of 2028.

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