Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vermouth record release party in LA Feb. 12


In celebration of the official worldwide/digital/physical/outer-reaches-of-the-galaxy debut release of, RetroFuture Pop Exotica, today, Vermouth (www.vermouthlounge.com), Los Angeles' premier exotica/lounge/Gamelan/otherworldly band of merrymaker's has confirmed a record release show to celebrate!
Details are as follows
Tuesday, Feb 12:
Vermouth at the Bootleg Bar (http://www.bootlegtheater.org/music.html)
Vermouth at 9PM
3rd act TBA
Equal parts, Martin Denny, B52's, Amazonian jungle and choreographed stage performance, RetroFuture Pop Exotica includes a host of talented multi-instrumentalists performing songs featuring exotic animals (“Gretchen The Iguana”, "Costa Rica"), hip-shaking dance parties, (“Go Go Dancer”, "Goggle Boy"), and mysterious lyrical tales (“Velvet Circus”, "Curious").  With 12 tracks clocking in at just under 45 minutes, there is enough tremolo, space-age orchestration, coy vocals, bird calls and spy guitars to make Peter Gunn yell, “Taboo!”

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