Friday, February 1, 2013

End o' week musings

I'm baaack!!

I spent last Friday through Sunday at the NAMM, music trade, show in Anaheim. But before getting into that, I want to go a little bit further back in time.

The Monday prior to NAMM I went with my friend Greg (the Strategic Monk) to get his tattoo. He had been contemplating one for a long time to mark his spiritual journey and as a reward for a goal he had and Greg asked me for an artist recommendation. I have work on my shoulder that was done -freehand- by Baba of Vintage Tattoo in Los Angeles ( and receive many positive comments about it. Greg did a little research and invited me to join him for his "transformation." He wrote a nice piece about his experience on his blog:

Now back to NAMM ( It was a pretty amazing show this year. I particularly liked the blend and juxtaposition of technology and tradition. There were many new educational items too. For my faves and other cool NAMM stuff, visit Monday and on and also check under business for stories by Kevin Smith and myself.

The highlight of NAMM was going to Tiffy's for lunch with fellow journalists and my photographer Keith Durflinger to celebrate his birthday. We had a nice meal and all dipped into his sundae! Plus we sang and thoroughly embarrassed him... he should be used to it, we do it every year ha ha ha!

This week my brother was in town for training for his job. I managed to hook up with him twice for good conversations. He is especially excited about his new daughter and showed me a ton of photos. But he's also very proud of his two step-kids who are doing very well in school.

Yesterday I went to Gavina in Vernon to tour its plant and learn all about coffee. It was very interesting and smelled wonderful! I got to participate in a cupping (tasting) of four different coffees with Michael Gavina ( who told explained what made them taste unique and how to properly sample coffee... hint: you have to slurp it from a spoon!

This weekend looks to be quiet except for a gathering of Renaissance Faire friends and a Super Bowl party invitation.We'll see what happens.... Right now I'm preparing to speak with George Takei about his appearance at Cal Poly Pomona later this month.

In rotation this week: Terrible Things, Slash, Owl City and Joe Walla.

Photos we got 'em:  Keith and his sundae and some cute animal photos from the web.

Thought o' the week: Choose your groundhog. It's that time of year again- Groundhog's Day, the day the poor little guy crawls out (or is dragged out) of his warm bed to either squint in or turn his nose up at the sun. If you think about it, you're just like that groundhog. Every day when you get up you have the opportunity to embrace the day or turn your back and grumble at it. It's all a matter of perspective and attitude.

Even a bright sunny day can be one long headache and even a rainy day can be filled with joy and laughter. It's what you choose to make it. Sure, there's bumps in the road and nice surprises around the bend to mix things up, but it's that first eye-opening look at the world that determines how you will react and deal with the rest of the day... sometimes the rest of the week.

Think about this when you trundle out of bed and decide whether you will see sunshine or gloom ahead. You have the control. You can choose your groundhog. Happy Groundhog's Day and

Keep on rockin'

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