Monday, February 4, 2013

The Pine Hollows to release album

 New York indie rock group, The Pine Hollows make glittering indie rock with vintage sensibilities. Think, Buddy Holly and The Beatles played through the scuzz of a Rolling Stones amp.
And with their new album, "Something My Heart Understands," set for release on February 26, it seems only fitting that the due date follows the birthday of iconic pop idol, George Harrison. A student of Musicology at NYU, frontman Gianni Napolitano is no stranger to learning from the greats, his songwriting boasting raw talent and a profound understanding of the history of music. 
Napolitano's influences are clear on "Something My Heart Understands." "The flashback vocals are put in a present-day context by melodies that you'll find yourself singing along to before you even know the lyrics," says Artistdirect about Gianni's Lennon-esque vocal styling's. The singer muses that pursuing the path of his idols "seemed like the ultimate freedom."
The young band have already been featured by The Aquarian, Relix, The Huffington Post andBop and Tigerbeat.
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