Friday, December 15, 2006

Alaska's fiddling poet has been busy

Yesterday I received an e-mail from my friend and fellow musician, Ken Waldman. Known as Alaska's Fiddling Poet, Ken makes his living mostly on the road with his talent with words and strings. I have been following his career for a few years now and I always make a point to see him when he's in town. I think you might be interested in Ken, so here are some excerpts from his letter:

Hi Michelle--
How goes it? Hard to believe it's been about 9 whole months since I'vebeen through your way.... I'll be back at Coffee Gallery Backstage on Thursday, February 8. And here's what I'm mailing folks here and there the past few weeks, when I get to it, with the subject: Perfect Presents for Some People You Know. It's about my brand new book and CD.

Going to gets you more information about the project. There's no link from, so you can only get to that new information by typing the URL or going through a search engine (Why is that? Since I do work in a variety of settings, if folks found the information from clicking somewhere on the homepage, it could make things difficult or cost me work on some of my jobs in more conservative areas.)

About the book, AS THE WORLD BURNS: 64 sonnets--41 in George W. Bush's voice (including several dream poems); 23 others functioning as commentary. Earliest readers have been very enthusiastic....

....About the CD, AS THE WORLD BURNS: Chicago's Jordan Wankoff joins me on this. He's playing banjo - and fiddle on one track - while I do my fiddling and poetry thing. Yep, came out well, and in its first few weeks out has already received a good bit of radio airplay on public and community radio....

...About the videos: Mid-August I was filmed by Ms. Mars ( for now there are three videos on site. More will be posted. Web site was upgraded by the very fine guitarist, banjo player, bass player, and renaissance man, Michael Woods, Random Art, Erie, Colorado.

What you can do: 1) Visit the site! 2) Tell others to visit the site!! 3) Buy book(s) and CD(s)!!!
What else? There's always something. You'll just have to ask. Hope you're well! Happy holidays to you!

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