Friday, December 8, 2006

Soundtrack music competition

The Camel Wars
Soundtrack Music Competition for International Film Composers

Compose Music :: For a film that traces a man’s personal journey through the psychological minefield that is present day Iraq, while coming to terms with a centuries-old conflict that ties his own personal faith and challenges his loyalties.

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Orlando, FL — (December 4, 2006) XOOM Entertainment has announced its open submission for the International Music Competition dedicated to the film score for 'The Camel Wars'. 'The Camel Wars', Directed by Sohrab Mirmontazeri, is a feature film, as a portrayal of an Iraqi-American soldier's tortuous journey in Iraq, that explodes myths about the Shiite-Sunni civil war and lays bare the complexities of the American presence in Iraq and loyalty during war. For those who live to make music, this is a unique opportunity for composers to bring their musical vision to film.
Musicians and music groups/bands from all over the world are invited to participate in the online contest to vie for an opportunity to have their music featured in the official soundtrack for 'The Camel Wars.' The complete Entry form and guidelines are available at .

AWARD AND PERFORMACEFifty (50) groups / performers will be selected from all the entries received to be on the final short-list. The final audition for the short-listed acts will be held in New York City and will feature major music artists who will serve as guest judges to help pick the final ten (10) tracks that will be featured in the soundtrack. The ten (10) selected tracks, along with four (4) tracks recorded by major music recording artists, will be released as the official soundtrack for "The Camel Wars." The release will coincide with the worldwide theatrical release of the feature film.
ELIGIBILITYAll composers, from all USA and lnternational territories, are eligible.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES AND DEADLINEThe final date for submission of entries will be February 1, 2007. XOOM Entertainment is not responsible for lost or damaged material.

Choose from all open-instrumentation combinations. Works must be unpublished and no more than twelve minutes in duration. Interested composers should submit:• Complete submission form information, found on and a recording of the piece, submitted as an mp3 format file, Quicktime Audio .mov files. All of which, including questions or enquiries, are to be emailed to:

M u s i c @ T h e C a m e l W a r s . c o m or snail mailed on a CD to:

XOOM Entertainment1000 Universal Studios PlazaSuite 214Orlando, FL 32819

THE CAMEL WARS -- Centuries ago, a war was fought that left tens of thousands dead in the desert sands of Basra (Iraq). The divisions that war created then exist even now, and are still claiming thousands of lives as the war in Iraq rages on. How are we to understand the complexities of what people are going through, whether they are civilian or military? Can we look through the eyes of one man and get a glimpse of the truth on the ground in Iraq?This is a story of Sameer "Sam" Azeez, an Iraqi Sunni American soldier, who is sent to Iraq in 2004. He is naively patriotic, and determined to both serve his country and prevent any further American atrocities from occurring. Sam's experiences in Iraq give him a unique perspective of the ground truth as he struggles with the racist hatred of one of his own soldiers and the mistrust of a Shiite family he has befriended, until one day the two collide and he has to choose between the soldier and the last surviving son of the Shiite family. Just as he has so often had to choose between his conscience and his religion, now he has to choose between his conscience and his country.Maybe Sam's story will help us understand what is really at stake. Maybe.
Production Company: XOOM Entertainment
Title: The Camel Wars
Director: Sohrab Mirmontazeri
Status: Pre-ProductionProduction Specs: HD and 35mmLocations: Morocco, Brazil, United States
Category: Drama
Production Date: Spring-Summer 2007
Language: English

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