Friday, December 29, 2006

end o' week and end o' year musings

This week has gone by in a blink, but not without a bit of fun...

I celebrated Christmas three times, including Tuesday with my mother and brother in Fontana. The best gifts included the old-fashioned Raggedy Ann doll I gave my mum (she's from England and called it a Mary Jane doll and then shared some childhood stories) and the Auto Club membership my mum and I gave my brother (for both his car and his motorcycle). I really didn't have a wish list this year, so I was happy with everything-- honestly, I enjoyed watching everyone open their gifts the most.

I did receive an unusual gift-- a flock of chickens. My friend, Lorna, made a donation to a world organzation for a flock of chickens for a needy family in another country. I was charmed, but I couldn't resist teasing, "When will I get photographs of my chickens?" Lorna laughed and said that one of her other friends wants to know if she can write to her goat.

Last night I practiced with my belly dance partner, Zaynah. We are preparing for our three day stint at the Body Art Expo in Pomona Jan. 12-14. We have new new dance numbers and are working on a third-- I'll keep you posted.

I would like to share a couple of e-mails from my friends:

Hi Michelle..........
Enjoying your 'newsy' BLOG. For your real good JAZZ music readers have them tune in Monday through Fridays 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. to KKJZ 88.1 FM or at 89.1 FM listen to Joni Caryl spin the BEST in Jazz. HAPPY NEW YEAR Honey

Hey Mickie, Same thing, pay day here too!! a double lovely and its an extended weekend!! I say you can spoil yourself and do some shopping! I just picked these up, I figured you would appreciate... (see the Puma Pele Brazil shoes from Urban Outfitters at the top of my post or visit ) have a happy new Year and talk to ya in '07 ha ha, brian

FINAL NOTE: I walked in to the office today with a smile on my face and a bottle of sparkling cider in my hand. My co-workers Vernor and Linda joined me in a new year's toast to success, happiness and health. My resolution is to find peace and contentment dispite the obstacles and challenges in my path... and to continue seeking adventure! Yes, I'll sleep when I'm dead...

In rotation this week: I continued to listen to Joan Baez and Tribe of Gypsies, as well as a plethora of holiday tunes...

Have a great New Year's Eve and Day and resolve to make the world a happier place! M

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