Friday, December 1, 2006

Friday thoughts

As the first week of my blog comes to an end, I'd like to share some of things going on in my world.

Today my office podmate Linda and I rang in the yuletide season by playing four cuts off the "Jingle Cats" album. For the unaquainted, this is not your normal holiday record, it's a collection of tunes performed via cats' meows and purrs. It definitely matches our desk decor which includes pig and lizard lights and a tiny silver tinsel tree with little colored bulbs. I teased Linda that the tree is more of a sad Charlie Brown type of thing, but she kept primping and fluffing it until now it looks like something your mom would stick on top of the TV in the '70s.

My friend Roc (Don King of Candy) sent me this photo from the 30th Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade which was on Nov. 19. It features me ready for my stint as five-time queen runnerup Princess Naughty Mickie flanked by my "Official Entourage," Miss Valerie (the blonde) and Miss Angela (the brunette). Roc let us ride the route in his black Corvette with his dad at the wheel. Thanks, Roc, for the great time and the wonderful memory! Learn more about this event at

Rehearsal for "Through the Eyes of a Child" was tough last night. We're working out the scene transitions and tightening up our lines. Our next challenge will be our costumes- I hope my pouffy dress doesn't get stuck on the Christmas tree. For my adventures on stage so far, visit , select a paper and th

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