Friday, December 22, 2006

End o' week musings

This week was full of music and adventure for me. I was introduced to Roy Z (producer for Halford, Judas Priest and Bruce Dickinson). We had a wonderful talk about music, combining genres and the different things we do. Roy has his own project, Tribe of Gypsies, and when he learned I belly danced, he handed me their CD, "Dweller on the Threshold." I've been listening to it and I'm hooked- it's got metal, rock, Latin, gypsy and other influences all set over Latin rhythms. The musicianship is superb! The band plays mostly in Europe, but hopefully we can hook up for an interview soon.

Christmas came early for me in the form of a concert last night at the Whisky-A-Go-Go in Hollywood. The show featured Suicide Silence, Diecast, Sworn Enemy and Sepultura, plus some local bands-- yes, I wore my earplugs!!

It was all metal-core and the mosh pit was groovin'. I began the night in the safe haven of the upper level. The local bands were quite good and Suicide Silence wrangled some crowd appreciation, but my goal was Diecast. I had interviewed their frontman, Paul Stoddard, and wanted to meet him, plus see the group in action. My friend, Valerie, stayed upstairs while I made my way to a nice spot stage center front. As Diecast played, I was definitely in the middle of everything-- I got pushed a few times when the pit got wild and I was splashed by sweat from the Diecast boyz as they headbanged. But it was worth it, Diecast's CD is good and their live performance is even better.

I went back upstairs for Sworn Enemy, who I think sounded terrific. I preferred them in this intimate venue as opposed to some of the larger places I've seen them. And Sepultura- what can I say? They have been one of my faves for years and I was not disappointed.

To make my night complete, I met Clint Mayher of Century Media Records. He's cool and we had a nice chat about the scene and then he introduced me to Paul of Diecast! We talked a tad, but he was very busy so I had to let him go do business. Paul promised me that we'll have a good conversation next time Diecast is out here (sometime toward spring, I'll keep you posted.) For now, enjoy this photo Valerie Liebe snapped of me and Paul outside the Whisky.

For some Internet holiday fun, I'll share two of my favorite Web sites.

First, Barney, the Bush's Scottish terrier, shares an adventure through the beautifully decorated White House. It's a cute film (about nine minutes long) no matter how you feel politically.

Second, every year I visit the Norad site for Santa Watch. On Christmas Eve you can find out where he is with all the toys, watch clips from where he's been already around the globe and more.

Lastly, as Christmas draws near, perhaps we need to look a bit deeper into the Santa side of things....

Santa and Satan - One and the Same? (courtesy of Doctor Dream Records)

Santa: Nickname is Saint Nick

Satan: Nickname is Old Nick

Santa: Red is favorite color

Satan: Red is favorite color

Santa: Hangs around deformed, pointy-eared men

Satan: Is a deformed, pointy-ear man

Santa: Sees you when you're sleeping, knows when you're awake

Satan: Ditto

Santa: Enjoys children sitting on his lap, telling him secrets

Satan: Enjoys women sitting on his lap, telling him secrets

Santa: Participates in yearly ritual involving small forest animals

Satan: Participates in yearly ritual involving small forest animals

Final proof: By transposing one letter in his name, Satan can instantly cash his social security checks made out to Santa!

In rotation this week: Tribe of Gypsies "Dweller on the Threshhold," Diecast "Internal Revolution," Sepultura "Roorback," Ken Waldman "Music Party," Joan Baez "Diamonds & Rust," Solillaquists of Sound "As If We Existed" and "Santa and Satan: One and the Same?" Doctor Dream Records compilation.

Happy holidays and keep on rockin'


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