Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Shoes Have It!

OK, I'll confess one of my dirty little secrets- I love shoes! My friends all know it, because I have way over the one-woman, two-feet limit and I will be grumpy all day if I decide I haven't selected the right pair to go with my outfit. Also, they've heard that weird whimper of delight I make when I find can't-live-without-'ems. So I was excited when my editor asked me to write a story about shoes and the company was practically in our backyard.

Prima Royale creates and distributes for Kenzie, Mudd and Prima. I was invited on a mini-tour and saw the "shoe rooms." Every wall had shelves full of shoes and each pair was different! I really liked the mix of textures and colors that Prima Royale uses in its designs, but what made my day was the detailing. There was beading, rivets, jewels, ribbons, leather lacing and strips, embroidery and more than you can imagine.

During my visit, I also learned that the women who work there and wear size 6 shoes get to try out the prototypes. I mentioned that I wear 6 and that I would be happy to help test their shoes, but my phone hasn't rung yet...

I've posted a photo of one of the pairs I liked the best at Prima Royale. It's in the Kenzie line and there were plenty more from all of the lines that I would have loved to have taken home.

Among the favorites in my personal collection:

*Clear acrylic spike heeled platform pumps with fake fish floating in the footsole (think of snowglobes).

*Furry zebra patterned Mary Janes (a thrift shop steal at $2 brand new).

*Pink furry boots (like wearing slippers!).

*Studded red leather platforms with a wooden sole boasting a teardrop cutout in the heel (what better way to say cool?).

*Traditional Vans sneakers with a flame pattern (comfy and everyone comments on them).

Take a minute and check out my story Shoes Rule at Prima Royale online at and

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Life Observer said...

Mick, you're secret is loving shoes?! The next thing your confess is that you're a female!
Is it true there's a Shoe Anonymous addiction support group?
Enjoy your blog, just bumped N2 it by accident 2day.

Mickie said...

Loving shoes is one of my less sordid secrets (and so is how getting comments from my readers gives me more joy than chocolate!), but if you keep reading my blog, you just might find out a few more...
Thank you and
Keep on rockin'