Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jim & Anne Curry's new cruise and CD

I received this letter from my friends and fellow musicians Anne and Jim Curry. If you're planning a cruise or looking for a great CD, please take a moment to visit their Web site- you just might find the perfect fit! ~M

Hello and Happy Holidays (Holy days) to everyone!

We hope this letter finds you all healthy and happy. Of course, time continues to speed by, and Jim and I continue to scramble to keep the pace. Jim is a much better scrambler, but I am usually just a few steps behind him!

We spent most of our year performing our “Tribute to John Denver” on the Holland America Cruise Line. Holland America told us that any time we are available; they would put us on one of their ships. We put them to the test! We spend some of the spring in Hawaii, most of our summer in Alaska, the fall in New England/Montreal and we just got back from the New York to Caribbean run. Whew! We are so happy to tell you all that John Denver’s music is still enthusiastically accepted wherever we go in the world! We feel so fortunate to be able to do what we do. During our summer run in Alaska, we hosted a special “John Denver Alaska & Me Cruise” with our tribute show as the main event and some sing-alongs and other additional activities for our group only. We had a blast! It was so much fun; we are going to do it again in ’07. The room availability goes fast and early in the year so reserve your room soon! Check our website for details.

Somehow, in the midst of all the traveling, we were able to complete a new CD! Our new CD was produced by our friend (and long time John Denver fan) Gordon Lustig, who we met at a John Denver memorial at the Claremont Spring Folk Festival in 1998. Jim and I were amazed (totally blown away) by Gordon’s musical abilities, but we were also impressed with his admiration and respect for John’s music and career; we knew we had to do something big with him! Well, we finally got that chance, and our new CD “John Denver Tribute 2” is the product of the passion we feel about John Denver’s musical legacy.

We have the big hits: Sunshine on My Shoulders, Back Home Again, Grandma’s Feather Bed (with the new verse) and Calypso. There is also a beautiful medley of 3 of John’s love songs (My Sweet Lady, Perhaps Love, For You) very cleverly arranged (by Gordon) and Jim sings this one with a string quartet – nice! There are some great surprises too! There is a wonderfully jazzy version of “Home Grown Tomatoes,” and the biggest surprise is a sweet little song that Jim wrote for me, called “Childhood Sweetheart.” But wait! There’s more! (Hee Hee!) Check out our new CD on our website and listen to some sound bytes and order a few CDs, I hear that they make wonderful Christmas Presents!

God Bless.
All of our best to you and your family in 2007.


Anne Curry

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