Friday, December 15, 2006

End o' week musings

It's been a big week for me. I was in an "encore" performance of "Through the Eyes of a Child" Monday night for the Masons in Arcadia. The show went well and the audience was very receptive. Here's a photo by my friend George Ogden, who was also in the play. My "daughters," Josephine (Emily Whitmore), left, and Elizabeth (Jennifer Benn) and I are smiling-- very uncharacteristic for Victorian times, but we just couldn't stop giggling during the photo shoot! It's a good thing George has a sense of humor.
It's also been what I would call a "red letter" week for me, with an e-mail inbox overflowing with news and goodies from my friends... In the spirit of the holidays, local axeman/singer/songwriter Joe Walla sent me one of his latest tunes, "Lonely Christmas." It's obviously on the sad side of things, but it's quite good. You can check it out at
Speaking of the holidays, many of you might be surprised that I am among those who have a hard time during this happy season. Despite the bright lights and pretty ribbons, many people find the holidays depressing for a plethora of reasons. I've been giving this a lot of though and I'm asking all of you to do me one small favor- LISTEN. Take the time and pick one person and really listen to what they have to say. No cheating by hearing your friend describe that sexy rocker they saw on stage last weekend!
* Listen to your co-worker. Because when they tell you that their dog got loose and they spent two hours trying to bring him home, they might be telling you that they need a friend.
* Listen to your neighbor. Because when they spend a half hour telling you how to perk up the roses in your garden, they might be telling you that they're lonely.
* Listen to your parent or sibling. Because when they repeat that same story about how you looked silly when you tried to dance the limbo at grandfather's birthday party 20 years ago, they might be telling you that they miss you.
Your time is the most important gift you can give. Be a giver this season and lift someone's heart....

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joe said...

thank you for the plug here micky you rock and to all u out here pass this song along to everyone !
check out my website as well
merry christmas to you all!!
god bless ya's