Friday, December 8, 2006

End o' week musings

My Friday began with a nice surprise this morning- my story about my vacation in Ventura with my dog Atticus published. You can find it at in the Celebrations section. We had a great time and Atti even learned how to boogie board.
And the happiness continues-- Word is that "Through the Eyes of a Child," the play I am doing to benefit Haven House, is almost, if not totally, sold out. This will be terrific- performing for a full house and having a great time while helping others.
Lastly, my belly dance partner, Valerie, and I got together Wednesday to run through our routines and everything went smoothly. We're gearing up for a big show in January, details to follow. I am always amazed by how I can remember what steps go with what songs and that we manage to avoid skewering each other with our swords.
In rotation this week, just small list as it's been tech week for the play so I haven't had much listening time: Mars Volta assorted songs, Judas Priest "The Essential Judas Priest," Joan Baez "Greatest Hits" and Tom Petty "Anthology: Through the Years." Find a way to pass it forward this weekend and keep on rockin'!

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