Wednesday, October 31, 2007

As Tall As Lions to release digital EP

As Tall As Lions are set to release a new digital EP entitled Into The Flood November 29th on Triple Crown/East West. The band recorded the EP with Mike Watts over a six day period in October at Vudu Studios in Long Island and are excited for their fans to get a taste of something new before they hibernate in early 2008 to record the follow up to 2006's self titled LP.

"These new recordings are filled with life" says lead singer Daniel Nigro, "For the first time during the recording of Into The Flood we were able to let go of our perfectionist approach to recording and just play. We tried not to over-analyze the tones or the performances which led these songs to flow closer to what you see at our live show."

Into The Flood Track Listing:
1. 505
2. Into The Flood
3. We're The Ones That Keep You Warm At Nite
4. Breakers
5. Blacked Out

"So how did As Tall As Lions make out (At CMJ 2007)? In short, the band was a revelation...{ATAL} have been touring relentlessly since last summer's release of "As Tall As Lions" (East West), and on Friday they played with confidence and a dash of style, running through a dynamic, 50-minute set of ethereal melodies, quiet interludes and explosive crescendos." - Newsday

"Catchy tracks like 'Love, Love, Love (Love Love)' and 'Milk & Honey' show off vocalist Daniel Nigro's unbridled Jeff Buckley-esque range while 'Ghosts Of York' and 'Be Here Now' hit a more mainstream mark with conviction and clarity of an act twice their senior." - Alternative Press, 5 out of 5

"{On As Tall As Lions} the band sounds huge - loads of minute sonic detail and layers of overdubs creates a rich tapestry of sounds..." Pitchfork

"Ghost Of York" Live @ Highline Ballroom in NYC:

ATAL perform "Love Love Love" on Jimmy Kimmel Live:


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