Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tab the Band to be featured on CSI:NY Wednesday

TAB THE BAND will reach a new audience when their song "Masked Bandit" is featured on CSI: NY this Wednesday, October 24 on CBS. The episode, entitled “Down The Rabbit Hole,” will air at 10:00 PM Eastern/Pacific.

TAB THE BAND features Tony Perry (guitar), Adrian Perry (bass and vocals) and Ben Tileston (drums). The group has opened for Dinosaur Jr. and Rose Hill Drive and continues to earn respect as an energetic and powerful live act.
In a recent show review in Music Connection magazine, writer Bernard Baur praised the band’s performance, noting: “Raw and intense, with enough raging energy to scorch your skin, TAB’s form of rock is unrelenting, uncompromising and irresistible…these guys grasp the irreverent and limitless elements of rock music…TAB is a true original. Adrian has a vocal intensity that is utterly compelling, and plays bass like a lead guitarist. Tileston is a monster drummer with flair and finesse, while Tony fires off pristine chops and killer riffs (September 10, 2007).”

TAB THE BAND has released two EPs and will release their full-length record--Pulling Out Just Enough to Win--in January.
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