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Total Pop Star contest launched

Ever dreamed of fame and fortune? Thought you had more than enough talent to land a record deal? Believed that given the chance you would take American Idol by storm? Then TOTAL POP STAR is for you! Become the next TOTAL POP STAR, win a record contract and secure prizes worth over $150,000! Let your voice, your music and your talent be seen and heard!

TOTAL POP STAR combines the best that American Idol has to offer with a world-wide, internet-based scope that is sure to unearth the world's next singing sensation. Created by Universal Music Composer/Producer Andrew Van Slee, the largest on-line singing competition in the world is open to anyone and everyone with a passion for singing and all things music! Unlike Idol, TOTAL POP STAR is easy to enter with no long lines, no missed opportunities and best of all, no Simon! Deborah Gibson and Joey Lawrence are confirmed as Celebrity Judges and they will judge alongside Van Slee. Co-producer Richard Wagner will host the series.

As a unique and creative web series with a global platform, TOTAL POP STAR is sure to become an instant phenomenon among all demographics. TOTAL POP STAR is a competition that performers the world over have been looking for-an outlet to showcase their talents to millions of viewers via the Internet. The growing trend in reality based talent competitions and the exploding craze of entertainment programming moving to the web is sure to make TOTOAL POP STAR the most viewed web series, as well as the number one fan destination site for all things music.

The TOTAL POP STAR requirements are simple. Contestants log-in and create a profile and start uploading their videos to begin gaining votes! Within the rules and regulations of TOTAL POP STAR, every contestant is required to get one thousand unique votes to move to the next level. The competition begins November 12th and one lucky winner will be named the next TOTAL POP STAR on January 27, 2008. For official rules and requirements visit

Quick Facts:
Contestants must be 13 years of age or older and may register from anywhere in the world by creating a profile and uploading a singing video to the TOTAL POP STAR site.
A Contestant’s fate is based on how well they can market themselves as each Contestant must earn 1,000 votes to become a Finalist.
The six finalists with the highest number of Internet and text votes will be named the TOP 6.
The TOP 6 will fly into Hollywood, CA for a week-long studio recording adventure and reality show.
. Working closely with the judges, the TOP 6 will prepare for their final performance. Each of the TOP 6 will also prepare a hit single - written by the celebrity judges- that they will perform if named the winner of TOTAL
Final performances will be streamed to the TOTAL POP STAR site where on-line fans will vote for their favorite.

Every listener can vote and their vote matters as the next TOTAL POP STAR will be determined by Internet users! With no restriction by age or genre and a format in which everyone's opinion matters, this is truly the best singing competition in the world!

So practice those scales, polish your songwriting, guitar picking and piano playing skills and shoot those videos! The TOTAL POP STAR countdown has officially begun and IFA DOT COM,LLC can't wait to explore and display all the talent. Are YOU the next TOTAL POP STAR?

IFA DOT COM, LLC is where entertainment meets technology! Matching cutting-edge Internet technology with the latest in entertainment, IFA DOT COM, LLC is launching TOTAL POP STAR.COM – the first ever hybrid singing competition – part Internet and part TV show. Also in the works is MyVizzer.Com – Access Hollywood meets Entertainment tonight, including a daily entertainment show, red carpet coverage, resources for filmmakers, and music for film composers. With these projects underway, IFA DOT COM, LLC is well positioned to take advantage of the Web 2.0 craze.




Online Singing Competition, on Turmoil.

On May 30th 2008, TOTAL POP STAR, one of the largest online singing competition

faced what it seem as "the biggest controversy on the worldwide web ever." Thousands of contestants and supporters worldwide were confused and angered at the turnout of the Season 1 deadline where most votes including those of the finalists were either reset to zero or lessened (literally 'lessened' as some contestants weren't really back to zero but still had their thousand votes). Where did the hard earned votes go? Nobody knows.
For more info, go to

Case study contents:

Section 1: Violations of own TPS Contest Rules; Votes Irregularities; and BMI, ASCAP and SESAC license issues.

Section 2: Ammended Desist and Refrain Order for violations of Section 25110 of the Corporations Code. Issued by the State of California Business and Transportation Agency Department of Corporations. Dated: April 2, 2008

Section 3: Deleted critical comments on Total Pop Star page which holds the May 30th evidences and which provoked this case study.

References, footnotes, and related readings:

1. What is an LLC (Limited Liability
2 The Corporations Code section 25110

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Mickie said...

It saddened me to receive this comment, but it is important enough to share. ~m


Yes, this issue might be important to all of us, since it deals with the legality of the show. But we are not directly hitting the issues against Total Pop Star. This were based on the numerous complaints we are receiving against that site. It pays to do some research before anybody would upload anything or partake in activities or event of that site. What we are doing is just making people aware of the issue and present all the evidences we found. These evidences are well kept in our database and could be retrieved in case we received legal complaints.

Please note that we are just doing our honest jobs as a public servant, investigative journalists, and as media practioners. We are just after the truth and legality, as these would affect the careers of our future performers and artists, their rights, and obligations.

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Anonymous said...

May I know what happened to the Season 1 Winner and the other 5 Finalists. Haven't they come up with an album yet? It's been 3 months since the winner announcement, and I haven't heard from them for quite sometime.