Friday, October 19, 2007

End o' week musings

Friday, Friday, finally, it's here! Not that it means I won't be super busy ha ha ha! But then, I'm getting ahead.

Last Friday I caught Cradle of Filth, Gwar, CKY and Vains of Jenna at the Wiltern. I managed to wrangle a center spot along the rail of the third tier in the venue. Out of the crush of the front rowers and definitely safe from the moshers/fighters in the second tier- they were interesting to watch during the concert, though.

CKY was fun, more like a bar band than what I expected, but enjoyable none the less. I love Gwar and this night was no exception, although they really pushed the limits of (bad) taste. You have to have a sense of humor to watch Gwar or you just won't get the show! It was double-delight for me this night, with Cradle of Filth, another one of my big faves in the house. Based in England, they just don't get out here enough for me and I try hard to make their concerts. COF takes black metal and gives it a nice twist of classical and horror.

On Saturday it was yoga, shopping for dance costume material and an intensive dance rehearsal. I came home late and plunked myself on my bed to watch TV for the little bit of the evening that remained. But it was worth it- we got the song choreographed and our costumes designed.

Sunday, my deskmate Linda and I went to see the magician, John Gabriel. He was tremendous. He has great rapport with the audience, is full of energy with just the right touch of drama and has a fast-paced show with many intriguing tricks and illusions. I would recommend John Gabriel for a family outing, date night or just going out with your friends (like I did).

This week's been dance-dance-dance and sew, as Sunday is our big date, but tonight I am going to interview the Tumbling Tumbleweeds in Sierra Madre. Saturday, it's yoga, Aluminum Marshmallow and the Age of Aquarius Horns at St. Rita's Harvest Festival and my friend, author Lionel Rolfe's birthday party (you can check out his scribblings at Sunday, if you would like to see part of my other life, you can come out to Redlands for the Nightmare Before Halloween (info further down in my blog or at ). Come say hello if you spot me!

Photos- Here's a peek at what my dance partner and I wore to last year's Halloween dance party, plus some cute pets.

In rotation: Rob Halford, 69 Eyes, Andy Rau Band, SW Nomadic, Van Helsing's Curse and Dio.

Be positive this week. After hearing from a co-worker how another person in our office always complains about everything, I have decided to make sure I don't fall into that category. I am focusing on having a positive attitude and looking at the good side of things. I am trying to wake up with a smile and go to sleep with happy thoughts. I think the last few days have actually seemed a little brighter and easier. Betcha it would do you a world of good too.

Keep on rockin'

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