Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Joyce Pierce of The Fifth Dimension release solo effort

Nearly 20 years after her vocal debut with the multi-Grammy winning group The Fifth Dimension, Joyce Pierce brings her talents to the forefront with her debut solo release, 24/7 Intimate Praise. Joyce Pierce toured the world for 43 weeks a year as a vocalist with The Fifth Dimension.
The group's hits "Up, Up and Away" and "Age of Aquarius" earned them multiple Grammy awards while performing for the world's most prestigious audiences including President Ronald Reagan, The U.S. Press Corp and international audiences on The Johnny Carson Show, Merv Griffin and Solid Gold. The grueling schedule of the group had finally taken it's toll on Pierce as she turned to her faith for strength, it was then that she discovered her inner desires to help spread a positive message of hope and inspiration through her music.
Pierce recollects, "After a show at Trump Palace with The Fifth Dimension, I was watching Phil Driscoll and realized the power and anointing in what he was doing and how it helped other people."
It was that overwhelming combination of musical and inspirational power which eventually led her in the same direction. 2007 brings about a new phase in Pierce's already colorful life as she releases her debut Christian crossover CD - 24/7 Intimate Praise. Pierce teamed up with prominent Houston producer/engineer, Dan Workman (Beyonce, Destiny's Child, ZZ Top) to put together this collection of inspirational songs of worship.
"Joyce Pierce is one of the most generous artists that I have ever met. Each time we were together, the room was filled with her positive spirit. That energy, combined with a strong vision for her music, made my work effortless," says Workman upon completion of the project.
Already in heavy rotation at Austin's KAZI, DJ Curt Childers says "Joyce Pierce's new CD is a testimony of faith and a great display of her new level of confidence in her music. For all who listen, the album is as diverse and enlightening as the message that it sends - one of peace, hope, faith and love. Music fans of all styles will surely enjoy this seamless blend of Pop, R&B and Contemporary Gospel.
24/7 Intimate Praise is now available through CD and Outbound Music.

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