Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear Havanah release debut effort

What do you get when you cross a bluegrass-loving guitarist, a Dave Matthews inspired lead singer, a Ben Folds obsessed pianist and a rhythm section dripping in the funk? You get the Boston based rock band, Dear Havanah.

The eclectic five-piece have celebrated a year of gigging, touring and writing their unique, witty and heartfelt tunes with the release of their debut album “Chasing Butterflies” on Veggie Co. Records.

This record, incorporating the best bits from the boys’ love of blues, jazz and pop, is a testament to the creativity that courses through the veins of this exciting new acoustic rock outfit.

The diverse musical influences and personalities of the group, honest lyricism and the basic wit of Dear Havanah has set the band up to make “Chasing Butterflies” the must-have debut album of the year.

Having met at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Dan, Adam, Colin, John and Mike formed a band in the spring of last year and almost immediately began touting their musical vision around the town’s vibrant college scene.

Their infectious tunes and energetic performances quickly captured the Massachusetts public imagination and word quickly spread about the Dear Havanah sound.

They have now performed throughout the northeast of the country and hope to conquer the south later this year, no doubt with a successful album in tow.

Dear Havanah put their success down to the diversity of the tunes they offer on “Chasing Butterflies.” From upbeat rock to introspect acoustic ballads, there is something for every stripe of music lover on this record.

They were aided in their mission to show that diversity and eclecticism does not equal a compromise of quality by the fine production of Ted Paduck, who gave the boys the space in the mix to express themselves.

One listen to tunes such as “Relief”, “Back Around” and “Bring Me Home” – all destined to be mini rock classics – and you will surely agree that this is a combination of talents made in musical heaven.

But the main thing that makes Dear Havanah stand out from the crowd is the shear joy they so obviously take in doing what they do. “We have a ball on stage and really love what we do,” they say. “We are all good friends and even when we aren’t playing, we all hang out together, I think that comes across in our music.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

“Chasing Butterflies” is available now online.

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