Friday, January 23, 2009

End o' week musings

It's rare when I say this, but boy! I'm glad the weekend is here because I need some sleep!! Last week I left you early because I was heading the the NAMM (International Music Merchants Association) show in Anaheim for two days.

Thursday I kicked around NAMM by myself, checking out all the new instruments, catching performances and star searching. I saw Carmine Appice trying out a drum set, Vivian Campbell and I flirted with each other and I had a nice chat with some of the members of Black Label Society. My favorite gear finds were the new guitars with interchangeable pick guards from Hot Picks and hangers that allow you to safely hang up your guitars in your closet. I was also charmed by a golf cart/drum set that actually worked (doubt if you'll catch my special guy out on the lower nine with it though...).

Friday at NAMM I was biding time for my photographer Keith Durflinger's arrival. He had a morning assignment and would be joining me by noon. I decided to watch the Wicked Tinkers perform in the convention center lobby until the exhibit halls opened. While catching the tunes, I thought how cool it would be if my friends Orange Sky could come to NAMM, as they would really enjoy it.

Now things get weird... I noticed four men working their way through the crowd and surprise! it was Orange Sky! We haven't seen each other in three years, but there was instant recognition, plenty of hugs and lots of catching up. I wandered the show with them until Keith arrived and, sadly, had to get to work.

My brother's wedding rehearsal (I was a bridesmaid) was set for Friday night, so I left NAMM early to beat the traffic and be there on time. When they got to the part about any reason they shouldn't wed, I couldn't resist, I raised my hand and said, "Jason, is this where you want me to say something?" "No, no, no," he shook his head with a grin. Everyone laughed. (Funny thing, at the wedding the next day, that part was left out of the ceremony- hmmmm...).

After the rehearsal we went to Lucille's for a barbecue dinner. Yummy! There was chicken, ribs, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, greens, macaroni and cheese, artichoke dip and lots more. My only complaint was that the sweet tea was not true Southern style. My brother and I kept calling it California sweet tea, which didn't amuse the waitress, but amused us highly... A little after 8 p.m. my phone rang and it was Nigel from Orange Sky inviting me to go out with them that night. How could I resist??

With my brother's blessing, I hopped in the car and headed back down the freeway for a night out. Orange Sky had a few other friends in tow and we parked as near to the convention center as possible, as it was the hub of the action. The hotels surrounding the venue all boasted bands in their common areas so we wandered back and forth and caught some good tunes. Nigel was thoughtful and made sure we got back by midnight so I could get the rest I needed for the next day, but I really didn't want to go...

My friend Valerie spent a good hour and a half doing my hair on the morning of the wedding. She made it just as my brother's fiance asked- stylized curls, which is tough with my wild tresses. I kept my makeup very light and minimal and slid into my blue dress and was good to go. The wedding ceremony was actually on the short side, but had everything it needed, plus a very, very beautiful bride. The reception was nice with good food and lots of dancing. Congrats Jason and Ty, may you be happy forever!!

Sunday was the 32nd Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade. You can read about my adventures as the outgoing Queen on McGinty's Gallery at the End of the World's float, Queen of Arts, at

Monday I was a big slug... I went to the grocery store, but other than that I lazed around trying to regather my energy. The remainder of my week has been filled with interviews and non-exciting odds and ends. Oooo and I may actually clean house this weekend! Woo hoo!!

Photos we got 'em: A nice photo of me on the float at the Doo Dah Parade from my friend Watchara Phomicinda, the front of Orange Sky's album (the new one will be out soon!) and a few pet pics for extra fun!

In rotation this week: Patty Nelson Band, Kristina Reiko Cooper, Manisha Shahane and Fall From Grace.

Thought of the week: Be prepared to pay if you play... too much! I'm laughing at myself this time because my tiredness is worth every second of my quartet of days of adventure. I planned ahead with the day off, so I was stylin', as I like to say. Don't be afraid of being a little worn out, although you might want to prioritize. Orange Sky is from Trinidad, so it's not like I can see them every day-- I HAD to go out with them. Yeah, yeah, I may say I'll sleep when I'm dead, but I sure clocked in a few extra hours on Monday. Have a great weekend and take a walk on the wild side.

Keep on rockin'

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