Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mitch Friedman releases quirky pop effort

Mitch Friedman - Putting the fun into pop

The album kicks off with “This Is a Song", and the comedic element is there throughout. But ‘Game Show Teeth’ is nonetheless a varied and mature record. Friedman demonstrates his wit and charm in the lyrics of every one of these 13 lovingly crafted pop nuggets.

The variety on the record comes from the wide range of influences that have all had an impact on Friedman’s sound. "I Have Never Lied" tips its hat to fellow Brooklyn quirk-rockers They Might Be Giants. And it is a testament to his abilities that some of his former heroes he now counts as colleagues (or should that be playmates?) on the album, with Andy Partridge and Dave Gregory of XTC adding their expertise for the third time to a Friedman record - the latter contributing guitars and bass to the excellent "The Man That Talked Too Much".

Add in to the mix, the hilariously irreverent artwork and photography and you have an album that should amuse, entertain and thoroughly enhance any discerning pop aficionado’s life.


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