Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Donations sought for Unity Tour 2009


As you have seen with flyers that went out, there are a few of us trying to get donations to get to Washington/Virginia for the Unity Tour 2009. This year it is very difficult due to the economy tanking, as I am sure you are very aware. I was lucky enough to go last year, and it is well worth going. Our tour was cut short by weather and so I am hoping this year the weather will be better so I can see the group ride into Washington DC. All of us need to raise close to $2000 to go-whether Support (like me) or Riders (like Doug Hamblin and the Russ’). So any assistance is appreciated.

To donate via Pay Pal, the link is -I just happen to be # 2 under the Support heading, just in case you were in wondering where you might want to do a donation…….

The PPD folks that are raising money to go are:
Kathy Russ – Rider
Chris Russ – Rider
Doug Hamblin – Rider
Bob Uribe – Support
Nick Ortiz - Rider
Michelle Laskey - Support
Tanya Artiga – Support
Shannon Reece – Support
++Lillie Bayless (me)- Support++

If you can assist with a donation, that would be excellent and appreciated by all concerned and it takes just a few minutes. Keep in mind that ultimately the ride is to honor those officers that fell in the line of duty. Thanks for your time.

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