Monday, November 30, 2009

Detweiler releases two albums

2009 marks the release of two new Detweiler CDs, Renditionation Integration and Infusion Went Away.

Infusion Went Away is a collection of 15 tracks of all original material, 10 of which are new releases. New instrumentals include “Fleur De Lis”, and “Jax On Brand”.

Renditionation Integration is a collection of Detweiler-interpreted jazz and blues standards (also both vocal and instrumental) from artists such as B.B. King, Miles Davis, Albert King and Dave Brubeck, and it marks Detweiler’s first release of standards.

Both self-produced CDs feature Detweiler as a solo performer, on guitar and vocals, and were recorded live at the Infusion Gallery during the Downtown Los Angeles Art walk. The absence of editing and overdubbing, along with the audible sound of the audience provides a real roots experience of Detweiler in a live gallery setting.

Detweiler’s bold decision to simultaneously release the raw and gritty CDs on the heels of his highly polished and critically acclaimed 2008 VAVV Records studio album, “Made In New Orleans”, was frowned upon by many of his advisors. Detweiler and VAVV Records, who had no interest in the project, have since parted ways.

“Recording ‘Made In New Orleans’ began in April 2007 but the album was not released until February 2008”, Detweiler explains. “Although the album is an artistic triumph, by the time it was released, it no longer reflected where I was musically”.

Both Renditionation Integration and Infusion Went Away were recorded in August 2009 and released 30 (thirty) days later. “These recordings represent a fresh portrayal of where I am musically, here and now”, says Detweiler, “as well as chronicle early 21st century live music in Los Angeles”.

Both CDs are available exclusively at or write to

2010 will see the world premiere of Detweiler’s new work for jazz quintet on April 25 at the Madrid Theatre in Canoga Park, California, when his quintet performs as guests of the San Fernando Valley Youth Chorus.

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