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NextAid to present Wolrd AIDS Day events

Humanitarian organization NextAid presents its second annual World AIDS Day 2009 Events (WAD2009), a multi-date fundraising campaign in cities across the U.S. and in Vancouver, starting on November 25, 2009 in San Francisco and continuing throughout the entire month of December.

Tied into World AIDS Day (WAD), a globally recognized day, which takes place every year on December 1st, NextAid activates the international dance music community to raise funds and awareness for AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in Africa. The first WAD, established in 1988 by the World Health Organization, was about raising money, increasing awareness, fighting prejudice and improving education, goals that are as relevant as ever in 2009.

A portion of the proceeds from each of NextAid’s WAD2009 events will go towards two of its current projects on the ground in Africa:

the Kawangware Street Children & Youth Project (KSCYP) in Nairobi, Kenya, and the loveLife GoGogetters program in South Africa.

For more information on NextAid and all the WAD2009 events please visit

NextAid, is uniting the dance music communities from coast to coast, including the scenes in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Omaha, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Charlotte for 12 (& counting) events to recognize the 21st annual World AIDS Day. NextAid has partnered with organizations and media partners with deep electronic music and DJ culture roots such as, Fusicology, Green Galactic, Rhythmism, The MML, URB Magazine, Wantickets, Homemade LA, and Dubspot to help with the massive promotional efforts for NextAid’s growing number of WAD2009 events.

NextAid "World AIDS Day" Events Include:

Nov. 25 supperclub San Francisco D:FUSE / Sen-Sei / Rooz, DJ Bo, Fil Latorre, Dmitri SFC
Nov. 27 Giant Step and Turntables on the Hudson, Sullivan Room, NYC Nickodemus / Nappy G Dec. 1 Marrakesh House L.A. Louie Vega / DJ Rap / Marques Wyatt / TOTH / Raul Campos
Dec. 3 loom EspaƱa Tapas Bar, Omaha Brent Crampton / Shif-D
Dec. 4 Alive 315 Dakota Lounge, Los Angeles Miguel / The Elevators
Dec. 10 Nordic Trax Ginger 62, Vancouver Luke McKeehan/ DJ Krown / Jay Tripwire
Dec. 11 Playloop Silk City, Philadelphia Lee Mayjahs? / DJ Everyday / Justin Paul
Dec. 11 Tropical Los Angeles Christian Martin / Adnan Sharif / Rithma / Ben Annand
Dec. 11 Charlotte House Music Society Dharma Lounge, Charlotte Mr. V
Dec. 12 Uhuru Afrika All Asia, Boston Adam Gibbons / Max Pela / Sidy Maiga
Dec. 15 Technique Zanzibar, Santa Monica Mark Lewis / Michele Bass
Dec. 20 DEEP Vanguard, L.A. BODDHI SATVA / Marques Wyatt / Wiseacre / Jeremy Sole
Dec. 23 Free Thinking/Uniting Souls Mal’s Bar, Los Angeles Jordan Strong / Michael Tello

The funds raised from the World AIDS Day 2009 campaign of events will go towards two of NextAid’s current projects:

- The Kawangware Street Children & Youth Project (KSCYP) in Nairobi, Kenya

- The NextAid’s “Send A Child to School” campaign through the loveLife goGogetters program in South Africa

Locally created and managed, KSCYP strives to get youth off the streets of Kawangware, a slum bordering Nairobi, by providing opportunities for performance activities and economic development. The profits generated from their gift bag making business help support the youth workers’ basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care and education, while also taking care of the community’s orphaned and vulnerable children. NextAid has joined forces with KSCYP by committing to raise funds for the construction of an eco-friendly, multipurpose facility for the expansion of their micro-business.

NextAid is also working with the well-respected South African organization, loveLife, to be the beneficiary of NextAid’s “Send a Child to School” campaign. goGogetters is a loveLife program to support the many grandmothers (gogos) who dedicate their old-age years to the wellbeing of orphans and vulnerable children. NextAid is raising funds for the schooling needs of some of the most vulnerable children who participate in the goGogetters program. All it takes is $75 to enable one child’s education for an entire year. This donation will ensure that the child is equipped with a school uniform, transportation fees, and school supplies.

NextAid represents the dance music community’s response to AIDS in Africa…

NextAid receives support from a wide range of entertainment industry leaders including some of the most internationally recognized names in dance music, such as Louie Vega, DJ Dan, Miguel Migs, Colette, Samantha James, Nickodemus, DJ Rap, OM Records, Dubspot, Giant Step and URB Magazine. From mega-events like Miami’s annual Winter Music Conference to small clubs and through benefits and other music related activities, NextAid channels the positive energy on the dance floor across the globe to children in Africa.

Check out NextAid’s ‘Artists & DJs PSA to learn more:

Also, check out Funk Aid for Africa: A CD that embodies NextAid’s mantra of “using the beats of our generation to provide hope for the next”! Purchase this charitable compilation produced by Dubspot and DJ OBaH at

100% of the proceeds benefit NextAid.

About NextAid –

NextAid's mission is to improve the lives of youth in Africa by implementing and advancing sustainable solutions. Through music events and public education initiatives, this Los Angeles based humanitarian organization raises awareness for and partners with community-based projects and grassroots organizations in Africa. NextAid adheres to a holistic and integrated approach in addressing the spectrum of challenges associated with establishing lasting change. NextAid provides empowering opportunities for concerned individuals to make a tangible difference

The UN estimated that every 14 seconds, an African child loses a parent to AIDS, and every day, more than 6,000 young Africans aged 15 - 24 acquire the HIV virus. After more than two decades of AIDS devastating the continent where life began, only 10% of the 15 million AIDS orphans are receiving any kind of public support. The enormity of the AIDS pandemic demands a response from every corner of society. NextAid believes that focusing on children is the most effective way to impact this crisis and uses the collective energy generated on the dance floor to make a difference.

About World AIDS Day –

World AIDS Day is a day when individuals and organizations from around the world come together to bring attention to the global AIDS epidemic. This year marks the 21st anniversary of World AIDS Day with the theme of “Universal Access and Human Rights.” The human rights approach is comprehensive, tying directly into the response needed for universal access to treatment, prevention, care and support. World AIDS Day is important in reminding people that HIV has not gone away, and that there are many things still to be done. More information can be found at

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