Friday, November 27, 2009

End o' week musings

Gosh, where did my week go? With a holiday yesterday it feels like Sunday, but I'm at work, so that makes it Monday or would that be..... so confusing! But I do remember what I've done lol!

Friday night I went to the La Fetra Center in Glendora to check out the boutique. My mother and I did a little holiday shopping and visited with my podmate Linda, who had baked goods and some of her copper enamel jewelry there for sale. (Her jewelry is beautiful!)

After dropping mom back home I changed and headed out to the Buccaneer in Sierra Madre to catch Adam Marsland's Chaos Band. They are very talented and their players have impressive backgrounds, such as lead guitarist Evie Sands (just Google her and you'll be reading for hours!). My evening became extra special because I finally got to meet one of my readers, Bob Davis, in person. He's a really cool guy- a big fan of the band and also trains. We had a nice chat and I met his lovely wife too. She took some of the photos on my blog today- what a sweetie!

Bob is responsible for turning me on to Adam Marsland's Chaos Band and helping me get in touch with them for an interview a while back. It was a good story and their music is good too. They have a fairly new album out and have been touring here and there, so look for them in your town.

As for Bob, look for him at your train station. He's big into railroads and sent me some really cool photos and a little story about his morning at the Monrovia Gold Line station event. Quite interesting!

Saturday I joined Linda Hermann at her store A&J Cake and Candy Supplies for her candy making demonstration. I was there to write a story for my Fun 101 column and I think I'm hooked. It was so fun and so easy that my mom and I are planning to make some candy for her friends for the holidays.

After candy, my mom and I had an aural treat- we went to the Crown City Symphony concert at the Altadena Senior Center. The program was all Mendelsson and it was quite soothing. I knew a few of the musicians too. After the concert we went to the Spaghetti Factory in Monrovia for an early dinner- yummy!

The No Doo Dah Day Party was Sunday at the American Legion in East Pasadena. I danced, dined on chili, sipped martinis and chatted with everyone. Snotty Scotty & the Hankies was the band for the event and were rockin' the house. There was a lot of royalty in attendance too, including: former queens Ellen, Sierra Madre Sue, Tequilla and me, as well as current queen Skittles and Prince Andrew. Of course the Tsar Tom Coston was there, along with Paddy Hurley, Doug Larner and the list goes on....

Professional news photographer Terry Miller was on hand to capture the scene and shared some photos with me. Visit my Diary of a Doo Dah Queen blog, to see more.

Wednesday night I went to the KISS concert at the Staples Center. Wow! What a show!! The guys still have it and know how to dish it out. Their performance was outstanding and even included pyrotechnics and other cool tricks. I would love to catch them again!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, so I cooked dinner. I made turkey with oyster stuffing, mashed potatoes with onions, garlic and cheese and brussel sprouts cooked in cinnamon and ginger and glazed with honey, lemon, butter and almonds. We had olive bread, cranberry jelly and red velvet cake too. I was thrilled because everything turned out perfect and I was a good girl and kept to small portions and only one plate. After dinner we also went for a walk.

Tonight I will be going to 3 Vinos in Covina for a Nightlife story. It's brand new and I've got to get the entertainment scoop. I'll be spending Saturday at Carin and Tom's house and that's as far as my week goes at this point.
In rotation this week: HorrorPops, Dio, Contessa Black and KISS.

Photos we got 'em: Just three-- Bob Davis at the Monrovia Gold Line event, me watching Adam Marsland's Chaos Band and me trying to get Tom to dance at the No Doo Dah Party.

Thought o' the Week: Be kind. I'll admit it, as much as I do things with my mom, we really aren't that close. I didn't grow up in the best home and I still struggle with it. I left young and (thankfully) things were better for my brother. But since he got married, he's not spent much time with mom and I have felt it is my duty to fill the gap. One of those things has been holidays.

OK, I can understand why I'm not invited to family things, as I haven't been a part of my family since I was a teen, but mom? It really hurts her that my brother just wants to be with his wife and step-kids right now. I know that this married thing is new to him, so I'm cool with it... but try and explain it to mom. She refuses to understand. So for now I'm trying to make sure she's not just hiding out alone at home.

I cooked the Thanksgiving dinner at her house yesterday and did everything to try to make it fun and happy. I chatted about all sorts of silly stuff and kept a good attitude. I would have much rather been sewing or working on some project at home with the precious time I had, but it was the right thing to do. I slept well last night, did you? Have you done "the right thing" for someone lately? It's never the wrong time.
Keep on rockin'

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