Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tangent releases video clips from new album

Down And Out In Paris and London, their latest of five studio releases to date, sees prog rock band The TANGENT concentrate more than ever before on their artistic expressiveness.

“Our new album is a 100 percent musical project. Where the previous album, Not As Good As The Book, was this whole multimedia thing with illustrations and science fiction novel, this one is about five pieces of music on a single CD,” keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Andy Tillison points out. “In terms of format, it’s more like our very first album, kicking off with a 19-minute piece which I am sure fans of the band’s prog stuff are going to like. Hopefully a lot!”

The TANGENT have posted two video clips featuring songs and footage from the new album Down And Out In Paris and London. They can be viewed at the links below:

Andy Tillison the leader of the TANGENT had the following to say about the release of the new album:

"The new album is out and so far things are going well. It was nerve racking to see how people would react to the new musicians and rhythm section in particular. While as you would expect it's much discussed, the lager opinion seems to be that it's a good move and that the new guys are a positive boost. I know that already of course!! Progressive Rock is often full of allegiances to "classic lineups" and favourite musicians, but it's also full of exciting changes and taking risks. To me, "Down And Out" is an album encapsulating the Tangent story so far. I'm immensely pleased with it on loads of levels. This is six years of music from a band who only formed to make one album."

There have been line-up changes again since the previous album, Not As Good As The Book: Jaime Jalazar and Jonas Reingold have left the fold, so now The Tangent consists, along with Tillison, guitarist Guy Manning and saxophonist/flutist Theo Travis, drummer Paul Burgess and bassist Jonathan Barrett.

“For the first time since 2003, all the members of the Tangent are English,” Tillison rejoices. “I think that’s an important thing, because one of the most defining things about The TANGENT’s sound has been a certain ‘Englishness’ - an affinity with the roots of prog rock.”

CD Limited First Edition Digipak w. bonus track 0505048
CD Regular Edition Jewelcase 0505042

Andy Tillison – vocals, keyboards, electric guitar
Jonathan Barrett – bass guitar
Paul Burgess – drums
Theo Travis – say, flute
Guy Manning – acoustic guitar, vocals

The Music That Died Alone (2003)
The World That We Drive Through (2004)
A Place In The Queue (2006)
Going Off On One DVD (2007)
Not As Good As The Book (2008)
Down And Out In Paris And London (2009)

Track listing:
1. Where Are They Now? 19:10
2. Paroxetine – 20mg 07:47
3. Perdu Dans Paris 11:47
4. The Company Car 06:23
5. Ethanol Hat Nail (Canterbury Sequence Vol. 2) 12:55
6. Everyman’s Forgotten Monday 06:22 (bonus track)

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