Wednesday, February 23, 2011 offers loaded radio app

Streaming online music isn’t a new idea, and radio is a very old idea.

But how is delivering the Radio App to more than 20 million ears is very new and very revolutionary.

With a throw back design that gives web browsers one-click access to a free library of stations and topics, launched this new app for music, sports, and talk radio fans who want to tune in to their favorite radio stations from around the world, from any PC or laptop, right from their web browser.

From Anchorage to Armenia, and from Justin Bieber to BBC Bristol – there’s a station for everyone, and I’d love to share more background, local radio and topics information, and screenshots with you and your readers, check it out, and more details are below.

As the apps phenomenon moves from mobiles to the desktop, is busy delivering to its 10 million users the same convenience and fun they demand from apps –and the Radio App is a perfect example:

The Radio App is free and placed on an Appbar in the user’s browser, where within minutes they can browse and listen to more than 65,000 international, local or regional radio stations – across the world or across campus

The alOt Appbar sits directly in a web browser so it’s accessible no matter what website users are on. Users add apps to their alOt Appbar to match their local or global interests, including weather and sports, the latest celebrity gossip, social networking accounts and much more

Streaming radio typically requires a user visit and stay at the individual station’s website, listen to a limited amount of songs or sit through audio advertising. Some international sites won’t let you a user log on and listen if they see an IP address is not local - the Radio App takes care of that

The app has unique search and memory options so users can search by genre, location, or type of programming and find and save their favorites through bookmarking their own listening histories

User-friendly design that makes it easy to hide or show the radio in a browser, turn the radio on or off, adjust the volume and switch stations.


alOt is a SoHo, New York-based company dedicated to developing apps for PCs. Through our in-house team and our collaborative work with globally-recognized developers and publishers, our focus is delivering apps that improve consumers’ online lives. We've generated an international following of more than 10 million people who have integrated alOt apps directly into their daily web-browsing experience. All our apps can be found at

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