Friday, February 25, 2011

End o' Week Musings

One more week gone from the calendar... gee, how time flies!

It started raining last Saturday afternoon and I fretted about going out. I was planning to see Dramarama at the Brixton in Redondo Beach, but wasn't looking forward to the drive. As the time to hit the road crept closer, the rain seemed to be easing off, so I put on my glitter and a warm jacket and put the key in the ignition.

It turned out my drive was well worth it. Dramarama was amazing on stage and even better because it was a club where you could easily find a place to watch them perform. I managed to get right up to the stage! The band was polished and comfortable and obviously having a lot of fun. They also had a good amount of fans in the crowd, who sang along with every number.

Also at the show was Daryl Hernandez, who runs the House of Rock kids' band program at the Fret House in Covina and Al Bane, a rock fashion designer. It was nice to hang out with these guys, as we had a good chat.

After the show, the members of Dramarama wasted very little time in the dressing room and came out to mingle with the crowd. Lead singer John Easdale came over to shake my hand and made me laugh.

"I know you, you're the Doo Dah Queen, right?" John said.

When I replied "yes," he responded that he didn't recognize me at first because of my glasses. I'm still giggling about the incident because John's the big star in the room, yet he treated me like the celebrity. And I guess that says a lot about what a nice man he is too.

Sunday my Elizabethan band (Danse Macabre/Ad Hoc Consort) director Bob held a party so all the players could meet each other and have a jam. We nibbled on pizza and brownies, while sipping soda (or beer) and talking. After a bit, Bob set up a huge movie screen in his living room and got the popcorn going-- we're talking serious popcorn here too, as he has a proper concession stand popcorn popper, complete with butter-salt, a hot butter dispenser and popcorn cups. And let me tell you, that's some of the best popcorn I have ever eaten!

We settled in our seats and Bob went upstairs to start the show. With a loud womp sound (something you'd expect to hear from a UFO), he started up his pipe organ (I know, a pipe organ in a person's home, believe me, I couldn't make up stuff this good). Then the film began, it was the Laurel and Hardy comedy, "Two Tars," about two sailors and all the trouble they get into on leave. Bob had an entire musical score for the movie, which he played, along with sound effects, such as a train chugging, car horns, ship bells and more. Very, very cool!

After the film, we all went upstairs to the music room and jammed on some of our music for the Renaissance Faire. It was a nice party, for sure.

Monday was pretty much a wash, as all my plans were skewed. The happy part of my day was going with my mother to the mall, where she had fun shopping and we could get a nice walk. My special guy had given me a gift card for Macy's for Valentine's Day, telling me to pick up some jewelry to wear when I perform at the Ren Faire (he wasn't sure what was appropriate, as there are attire guidelines we have to follow). My mom helped me pick out a necklace that looks very tribal and old, something I could have picked up traveling or from a traveler coming through the town. I also bought a pair of silver earrings that are suitable for Faire and anytime.

Tuesday, I was back at Bob's for rehearsal, but there was only four of us, so we focused on what Will the mandolinist wanted to work on. There was also a number I was having trouble with, so we tried a few different approaches with the percussion until we found a good match.

Before I left, Bob gave me a recorder and a few pages of instruction and told me to give it a try. I've never been too good with wind instruments, maybe it's my asthma or maybe it's just me, but I promised to fiddle around with it.

Last night it was time for more Tahitian dancing. I really like this new number- it's fast and has a lot of sharp moves, plus you have to be on the beats, so it's a good challenge.

Tomorrow I'm planning to go to McGinty's Gallery at the End of the World ( ) in Altadena for it's closeout sale. I hate to see the space go, but it's the right thing for Ben at this point in time. I hope I can find a good memory and maybe a few items from his racks of vintage clothing. The sale continues on Sunday, so stop by and get a deal.

Sunday I'm going to take my mom to see Los Fabulocos featuring Kid Ramos at the VFW in Industry. I love their Cali-Mex grooves and I'm sure my mother will enjoy them too.

In rotation this week: Joan Baez, Tim Curry, Misery, Dramarama and Dirty Dave Osti.

Photos we got 'em: A silly pet photo and a couple of (cell phone) shots of Dramarama bassist Mike Davis rocking out on stage.

Thought o' the week: Find inner peace. As you know, I've been dealing with some big issues in my life and have tried to remain optimistic and open to change. I have now been channeling those attributes into a feeling of inner peace.

When life gets crazy, it's easy to get riled up and even angry at the world, but that's pointless and not very useful. The way you react to a problem directly affects your stress level, which affects your attitude, health and more. The best tact is to chunk things down into smaller pieces that you can deal with, that way you keep focused and lessen the opportunity for a bad decision or mistake.

It is also important to find places in your life where you get a break from the craziness, such as a good book, a long soak in the tub, a dance class, a walk in the sunshine or whatever puts pause in your day. During these times, reflect on how you feel inside-- I'll bet it's pretty good. Now remember that feeling and when things begin pushing on you, take a deep breath and try to return to that quiet place before you react. This also works for getting you down off the ledge, as I say. You know, that point where you're beginning to feel overwhelmed. Just pause and relax a minute, it will clear your brain a bit and calm your nerves.

Do you know your spot of inner peace? Find it and

Keep on rockin'


Bobby Boy said...

Hi Mickie!

You sure know some interesting people! Like Bob with a pipe organ in his home. Quite a few of us electric-railway fans also dig theatre organs. The late Ira Swett, who wrote many books on the Pacific Electric was also an accomplished organist. Back in the 20th Century, no visit to Sacramento was complete without an evening at Pizza & Pipes, in the northeast part of town. Highlight of the evening was often "Chattanooga Choo Choo" as arranged for the Mighty Wurlitzer. And Laurel & Hardy--I mentioned them in my Old Curiosity Shop for March. I've seen many of their movies, and can play scenes from them in my "mental video player".

To borrow a line from Bob Hope, "Thanks for the Memories".

Bobby Boy

Mickie said...

You're welcome Bobby. Every time I go to Bob's for rehearsal, I worry about what he'll have me playing next. He sent me home with a recorder last week (yes, I still have no talent for it) and I'm sure he's eyeing the harp in the corner!