Thursday, February 24, 2011

John Njathi children's art project

Artist John Njathi shared some photos from the children's art program that he teaches in Kenya. He included some information about the project. I wanted to pass this on to inspire others to keep art alive in their communities. Enjoy! ~M

This Is My Fourth Year Working In Different, Schools Around Nairobi, Kenya As A Teaching Artist And An Instructor For The Advanced Student. I also Got an Invitation from a Special Childrens Home To Teach Art Theraphy.

In School Of The Nations Nairobi, Kenya I Have Been Working As A Art and Craft Teacher For 3 years, But Today I Am An Instructor In its Art Club. Its Starts In After School From 3.30- 4.30pm. Days Are Tuesday , Wednesday ,Thursday and Friday.

I Train The Children Basics In Drawing And Painting And Crafts. They Use Locally Material Available Such As Sand And glue. They learn Modeling Cutting using cardboard And Making Diferent Shapes. In Painting, They Learn To Work on Large Surfaces Like Painting the School Wall And bathroom Walls.

School Of The Nation has Appreciated My Work In Training The Young Future Artists. Its Fun To Work With The Children.

The Photos are from My Last Year's Fast Children art Workshop For Inter schools. We Had Two More Schools Joining Us At The School Of The Nations Art Club. I Came Up With This Project.

Those Who Gave me Support Were My Two Comrades, Artist John Ngugiand and Artist Sam Kimemia. They Train in The other school.

I Love The Parents from The School Of The Nations For Supporting The Club.

I Was Born of Artist Blood And My Grandfather Was A Great Painter. My Talent Was Discoverd my Early Teachers While In Primary School, I Used To Do Diagrams For Teachers When They had difficulties.

~ John Njathi

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