Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moona Luna to release kids' album and coming to LA

Piñata Party, a new CD of bouncy, Latin-inspired bilingual music that perfectly captures the spirit of an outdoor family party, will be released on March 15th by a group of “electrifying” (CMJ) Brooklyn-based musicians daylighting as family music combo Moona Luna.

The new CD offers a dozen chunks of delicious and inviting ear candy to engage and satisfy people of all ages. Piñata Party will be available on March 15th from Luchadora Records ($15 SRP; distributed by NewSound Kids).

Moona Luna is the passionate second project of New York-based songwriter Sandra Velasquez and her critically acclaimed Latin band Pistolera. For the last five years, Pistolera has toured extensively, delighting fans of all ages around the globe. During the making of Pistolera’s second album, Velasquez gave birth to her first child. But the experience didn't slow her down.

In fact, with her daughter as inspiration, Velasquez wrote an album's worth of songs geared for families. After writing exclusively in Spanish for Pistolera, she decided to make Moona Luna's songs bilingual so that her simple messages of joy, discovery and perseverance would reach more young ears.

The band includes Maria Elena on accordion, Inca B. Satz on bass and Sebastian Guerrero on drums. Dan Zanes join the Piñata Party on “Brinca, Jump.”

Velasquez says that Piñata Party is her attempt to re-create the vibe she remembers and treasures from the backyard parties her parents would throw while she was growing up in San Diego, Calif.

Moona Luna certainly caught the vibe: Piñata Party is like a rich and flavorful platter of bold and spicy carne asada. It is an invitation to sample the tastes and flavors of the world from a child’s sensibility—of experiencing the familiar in a way that is suddenly unfamiliar and new.

“Adults can be so jaded,” Velasquez says, “but kids don’t hide the way they feel. They’re the truth. When something brings them joy, they dance. We want everyone to experience the joy in Moona Luna’s music. We want everyone to dance.”

And dance you will. Piñata Party is bursting at the seams with sweet, delicious and satisfying rhythms that will find you heeding the invitation of the opening track – “Quieres Bailar?” – and heading for the dance floor. Nearly every track is a suggestion for young and old alike to partake in the piñata of delights that beckons us at every point of our lives.

“Todos Las Comidas (All the Foods)” (now available as a YouTube video) reminds us that food is without a doubt the most delicious way to experience the various cultures of the world; “Brinca, Jump!” perfectly captures the delight we feel in simply putting our bodies in motion; while “Hay Que Trabajar (We All Have To Work)” explains to young children what mom and dad are doing all day even though they would rather be staying home with them.

Every song on this delightful CD bounces with undeniable pleasure. Piñata Party is stuffed with joy. Break it open and let the fun spill out into your life.

For more information about the release and upcoming Moona Luna family concerts, visit

Moona Luna Family Concerts
March 26 – World Café Live – Philadelphia
March 27 – Jammin Java – Vienna, VA
April 3 - Joe’s Pub – New York City
April 30 – May 1 – LA Times Festival of Books – Los Angeles

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