Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Breakdown to release album

After working together though the ins and outs of the music business for nearly ten years, Caleb Cumming and Chris Noble established their partnership with Wakeup Starlight, the flagship music group of their fledgling Indie record company, Resounding Records.

The music from the bands debut album, The Breakdown (release date: March 29), was partly inspired by their involvement with a humanitarian relief effort in El Salvador that was started after a massive earthquake in 2001. Buying up aluminum and steel, people from all over Canada and the United States donated their time and money to rebuilding.

“The picture we hope to convey with this record is one of resilience and redemption," said Cumming. "After witnessing first hand the depth of poverty and loss that a human being can suffer, we now have hope, and a vision for our own work."

The Breakdown features some of the most elegant song writing of their careers. From the soaring heights of One Step Away to the trials and tribulations of It Is Well, Wakeup Starlight seems destined to be a powerful addition to America’s music scene.

A decade of writing together has brought Cummings and Noble to a place where beautiful music is made.

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