Monday, December 19, 2011

Daivd Resch and Timeline release video

~ Reader David Pennell shared this cool video with me. It's just the thing to get your spirits rockin' on this gloomy Monday. Enjoy! M

I remember your post on Chris Resch, and my cousin David Resch just put this up on Facebook:

David Resch
Pandemonium lives!

I went down and jammed with my brother Eric and his band "Timeline" on a couple of unrehearsed classics..."Smoke on the Water" and "Paranoid".The audio quality is not the greatest, but if you are a friend, or fan, of ours you might dig the chance to see Eric and I rocking together again. And hey...we still have all our hair and are in reasonably good shape after all these years!...

Pandemonium /Alaska/Heavy Metal Soldiers!/?David and Eric from Pandemonium jamming on a couple of metal classics with Eric's bar band "Timeline" at Mia Roma'...

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