Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sweet Adelines invites you to sing

Sweet Adelines International
is a musical force in the United States and around the
world. This January, hundreds of choruses from all over the
globe are joining together to teach the world to sing. Women
of all ages who enjoy singing are invited to find and visit
a Sweet Adelines International chorus. There are more than
500 choruses in most of the 50 United States, Australia,
Canada, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Japan, New
Zealand, Scotland, Sweden, The Netherlands and Wales.

Sweet Adelines International members share a love for music
and singing four-part a cappella harmony, barbershop style.
Any woman of average singing ability, with or without vocal
training, will find a part that fits her voice range.

"We learn about singing, we learn about dancing, we learn
about performance, we learn about friendships, we learn
about working together. It's the most wonderful place to
be," expressed Virginia Humphrey-Taylor from Christchurch
City Chorus in New Zealand.

Henna Kemppainen belongs to one of Sweet Adelines' most
remote choruses in Porvoo, Denmark and treasures her
worldwide family. "It's a sisterhood and it's the joy of
life. I could not possibly think of my life without the joy
of music and all of my friends in barbershop," said

For many long-standing members the passion seems to grow
stronger. "We've moved many times and in every place there's
been a Sweet Adelines world to go to. It's not a hobby, it
is a way of life," explained Scottsdale chorus member Janice
Blake from Arizona.

Ellie Mills from Lace City Chorus in the United Kingdom
stated, "Being a Sweet Adeline has given me the most amazing
opportunities to grow as an individual. I've made fantastic
friendships that will hopefully be in my life forever."

There is nothing like singing with Sweet Adelines
International - the sound, style and technique of a
sisterhood built on harmony. This January, experience the
sweet sounds of singing with a worldwide chorus of friends.
More than 23,000 members are ready to welcome the world with
an infusion of song.

To find a chorus and for more information about Sweet
Adelines International call toll-free 1.800.992.7464 or
918.622.1444, email , or visit

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