Thursday, December 22, 2011

End o' Week Musings

This week is flowing smoothly and I'll be out of the office through Monday. You think "Aha! More R&R." But not really, as I plan to work on a new costume~ sewing away like mad!!

Saturday I went with my friend Byron to his sisters' home in Rancho Cucamonga. We decided to go out to look at lights. Susan wasn't feeling too well, so she opted out, but Stephanie valiantly offered to drive the SUV. We piled in and spent three hours enjoying all the different displays.

Unfortunately, three hours sitting in a SUV isn't good for my back, so when Sunday rolled around I had trouble rolling out of bed. I was due to go with my friend Louise to visit Carin and do a few odd jobs at her place. I managed to get us there, but I was still in a bit of pain. Carin said to let the work go for the day, as my time would be better spent in the hot tub. Of course, that suited me. It felt quite decadent to be in the final throes of fall crispness and soaking in a bubbling spa.

Back home, I babied myself with a soak in the tub that night and a some time with the heating pad. Plus I stretched a bit too. By morning I was doing much better, which was good, as I had to work.

It's been a pleasant week with holiday lunches, potluck and other treats. Still, there's been work to do. I interviewed Jimmy Pou, who plays George Harrison in the Beatles tribute band, 4 Lads from Liverpool ( ). They will be performing at the Grove Theatre in Upland for a special New Year's Eve event. I also spoke with comedienne Carin Webb, who will be performing with Bill Word & Friends ( ) at the Moose Lodge in Whittier Jan. 28.

In rotation: Tons o' holiday music by a range of artists and enjoying all of it! I'm trying to keep in the spirit of the season....

Photos we got 'em: A "California Christmas" image of lights taken with my cell phone, my friend Shahira's kitty and pup (Tink) decked out for the holidays and a couple of cute pet pics from the web.

Thought o' the week: Peace. There's a card on my desk showing a photo of a baby polar bear and his mother in the middle of a landscape of snow and it simply says "peace" on the front. There's something about this that hits home with me.

Peace can both be an inside and an outside thing. You can emit an aura of peace, as in having a calming effect on other because of your demeanor. You can also receive peace from the outside world by listening to relaxing music, taking a walking in nature and other things. You can create your own inner peace by just sitting quietly for a few minutes and letting go of all your worries. And so on.

There's a time to be revved up and energetic, but there's also a time for reflection and serenity. Take a few minutes somewhere each day during this hectic season to find your peace and pass it on to someone else who needs a little too. Elvis Costello's song asked "What's so funny about peace, love and understanding?" Only the little smile it brings to the weary world.

Whatever way you celebrate the season, enjoy and

Keep on rockin'


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