Friday, June 22, 2012

End o' week musings

What a long week... but that's how it is when you've had a good adventure.

I spent Saturday at my friend Carin's house helping shorten curtains and finishing up a cover a made for her patio sofa. We also went for dinner and then back for a nice hot tub soak. I was sooo relaxed by the end of the evening, I went home, slipped into bed and was out fast.

Sunday I wandered around the Pasadena Chalk Festival and admired all the marvelous artists and their work. There was a nice mix of murals this year, from copies of classics and animation to portraits and fantasy illustrations, in bold hues to simply stunning black and white.

In the evening, my former guitarist John (from my band Morpheus) and I went to the Glitter and Glam Rockfest at the Whisky in Hollywood. We knew quite a few of the people in and at the show. The lineup featured Spiders and Snakes, Willow Wisp, Tramps Like Us and another one of my alma mater's Rebel Rebel ( ).

I was thrilled when Rebel Rebel's lead singer Jet Jupiter invited me on stage for a number. LIke old times (I was in the cyberpunk band for three years), I sang backup and danced and reveled in their craziness. It was awesome!

Later on RR's bassist Marcelo and I were chatting:

"I've known you since '91, '93 and you haven't changed a bit," Marcelo said gesturing the rest of our friends. "Did you make a pact with the devil?"

"No, just good moisturizer," I quipped.

I am posting a photo of myself from "back in the day" ~ what do you think? Is this ol' rocker chick holding OK?

Unfortunately not everything is holding OK. I somehow tweaked my knee while on stage and have been hobbling around since. It's feeling a lot better today, but I'm planning a quiet weekend, alternating the ice and heat to keep it healing.

Lat night food co-writer Mike Davis (also chef at FrontRunner at Santa Anita Park and bassist for Dramarama and Halford) and I had the opportunity to try out a new restaurant before it opens. We went to Trattoria Neapolis in Pasadena for a special preview dinner with eight courses, each paired with a cocktail, wine or beer, plus a lovely ending coffee.

The eatery is absolutely gorgeous inside- a mix of old world with modern innovation and everything was yummy. I am already making plans to go back after it opens! But for more of my thoughts - and Mike's - keep watching for our review at

I'll be out of the office Monday, as I have some things I need to deal with, but I'll be in the rest of the week with all your news and more of my adventures.

In rotation this week: Bobby Boy's Old Curiosity Shop mixtape (learn more about this cool DJ at ), Tae Phoenix, Britney Spears, The Randies - yes, it's been a grrrl power week! - and The 69 Eyes.

Photos we got 'em: My aforementioned rocker chick pic by Byron Spearman, some photos by Joanne Wilborn from the Diamond Jubilee Tea at the Langham Huntington, Pasadena last week and a shot shared by journo friend Dean Lee of "construction" dogs getting ready to dig for hot dogs during the groundbreaking ceremony of the Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA expansion project.

Thought o' the week: Revamp and recharge. As you know I've been going through a lot emotionally recently. All this change had me looking around my home and realizing how suffocating it is. I'm not a packrat, but I do have several stacks of books and CDs in my living room and a clutch of art stacked behind my couch... and, yes, my closets could use a good going through.

So this weekend I'm getting to work. I'm going to empty out my bookcases, shelves, etc. of things I haven't looked at or used in ages and donate them appropriately or even toss them out if that's the better choice.

Cleaning out my home will be cathartic, as it's equal to cleaning out my inner spirit. I think as the clutter dissolves, so will my stress. I will finish up by giving my place a deep cleaning and maybe even move around my furniture for a new look. All in all, when I finish, I'm hoping to reflect a new attitude, one of happiness and hope, something I really need right now.

We all need to "clean house" once in a while, whether it's physically or metaphorically, it's healthy and vital to reducing stress and anxiety. Ahhh... to revamp and recharge and

Keep on rockin'


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