Friday, June 29, 2012

Shimmy Showcase Sunday July 1

JULY 1 - Calling all bellydance rockers! Shimmyshowcase coordinator Ilana returns with “Rock a Belly” and Daa-Uud, Sabrina, Ewanni, Reba and Rosé are all set to shake, rattle, and roll (and shimmy of course) with her! If this theme gives you good vibes, please be sure to boogie on down to Viento y Agua this Sunday for a great night of Rock’in Bellydance!

Everyone is invited for a relaxing evening among friends. Select your favorite beverage, hot or cold, from an assortment of coffees, teas, smoothies or juice; add to that a tasty sandwich or pastry; and then seat yourself in the entertainment area to enjoy some really great dancing at NO cover charge!

SHIMMY SHOWCASE begins on most Sundays at 5:30 p.m. at Viento y Agua Coffee House in Long Beach at 4007 East 4th Street; 562-434-1182. Please refer to the detailed schedule below for more information.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before show time (30 min if you’re a performer!), so you can stop at the refreshment counter to get a delicious beverage, snack or sandwich; then head for the show area and grab a seat so you don’t miss any of our great performers!

Below is our upcoming schedule for the next several weeks. If you are a dancer interested in performing at an upcoming showcase, please read on to see whether we have openings in any upcoming showcases and send an email with your preference to


July 8 - Saviya returns with those lovely belly dancers from Laguna Beach, JJ & the Habibis! These ladies always put on a great show, which you won’t want to miss, so come join your friends at Viento y Agua, grab one of their delicious beverages or food items, and find yourself a great spot from which to enjoy the show.

July 15 - Abraiha returns to host another Shimmyshowcase and welcomes the stunning Jaquelina and IrinaXara, plus new bellydancer Sasha, sensational Sufi dancing by Nicole, and Pepe Gonzalez and his Salsa dancers. With such a fabulous lineup, you want to be sure to make this show! Please plan to arrive early so you can get some refreshment and a place to sit in time for our 5:30 pm start. We’ve got a talent packed program this evening, and you won’t want to miss a minute of it!


July 29 – Shimmyshowcase coordinator Amber will host this evening’s program, and welcomes guest dancers Daa-Uud, Jayel, Nova Kachina, and Sirens of the Sahara back for another performance. This is sure to be a fantastic Shimmyshowcase that you won’t want to miss, so please mark your calendars and join us at Viento y Agua to support these wonderful dancers and enjoy their performances for you!

August 5 - Attention everyone for a Shimmyshowcase first-- “The Male Animal” featuring not one, but FOUR male dancers! Coordinator Saviya welcomes the fabulous Leon, Ibn Fadlan, Ewanni, and Paul! Usually you only get to see one or two of these guys in a Shimmyshowcase, but tonight-- and only tonight--all four will perform in the same program! This is guaranteed to be an exciting, energy packed evening with some spectacular moves, so be sure you don’t miss this show because it will be smoking hot!

August 12 – Coordinator Draca presents “Industrial Goth” featuring guest dancers Reba, Nova Kachina, Bella, and Aleksia.



We look forward to seeing you soon at the Sunday Shimmyshowcase at Viento y Agua!

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