Thursday, June 28, 2012

Excursions: A Sound Painting to be reissued

Excursions: A Sound Painting was originally released on cassette in 1998. The recordings were mostly performed on keyboards, but there is one song played on ukulele, another on bass guitar and several that are strictly studio sound manipulations. The disc is meant to tell a story through sound, a tale of space travel. For that reason, it's not really music in a real traditional sense, but more of a sound painting.

When it was first released on CD (the disc has been out of print since the fall of 2011), Rick Damigella said this at Music Street Journal, "Excursions: A Sound Painting feels like it would be right at home on (my old hard core electronic music program). Excursions is a very unique piece of audio art. It is a set of sound paintings, designed to tell a story. I should be upfront and mention this is not music in the strict, clinical sense. It is, however, a uniquely different kind of recording, geared towards the most adventurous ears, fans of space sounds of the hardest hardcore variety or those who seek something non-traditionally ambient."

Certainly there are limitations in terms of sound quality due to the recording technology used, but the performances were worth preserving. This was originally released (both the cassette version and the first CD release) under the name Gary Hill. Since then Hill has started using the name G. W. Hill for all his professional work.

G. W. Hill began playing music at age 15, starting on bass guitar. In addition to performing music, Hill is a published author (The Strange Sound of Cthulhu: Music Inspired by the Writing of H. P. Lovecraft and Strange Realities: The Collected Short Stories of Gary Hill) and a music journalist.

G. W. Hill lives in the Rockford, Illinois area and is currently working on a new album (in the very early stages). There are several guests lined up for the new recording, but they are all top secret at this point (although one famous actor has submitted a spoken part to be used). Hill also publishes Music Street Journal and writes for numerous other outlets.

Excursions is currently available exclusively at, but will be available at within the next week or so.

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