Monday, January 14, 2013

Muckenthaler auditioning folk artists Feb. 2

The Muckenthaler Cultural Center Foundation, otherwise known as “The Muck,” will be auditioning musicians and singer/songwriters for an all-star folk music group in 2013. The selected band members will be guided by the Muckenthaler with paid gigs, promotions, YouTube videos, band management and recordings.

Auditions will be held at 8 AM, Saturday, February 2nd, 2013.

To be eligible to audition you must:
·     Be over 18 years of age (or be over 13 years of age and accompanied by a parent or guardian)
·     Be on time
·     Be able to work in a group
·     Have a great work ethic
·     Have a passion to be a professional music artist
·     Be able to sing harmony
·     Be free for rehearsals on Tuesday evenings and gigs on weekends

Great singing and songwriting are big pluses but not required.

We will be auditioning for the following positions:
-Percussionist: Must be able to play ethnic drums and percussion from around the world including hand drums, castanets, spoons, washboard.
-Bass: Stand up acoustic player can also play a “gut bucket.”

-Strings: Master of multiple stringed instruments, like mandolin or banjo, beyond just guitar.

-Violin: Master of bluegrass, zydeco, and gypsy styles.

-Wind: Master of flutes and whistles from many cultures.

NOTE: No solo vocalists will be auditioned. Singers must have the ability to perform an instrument and/or fit into the categories above.

Musicians should have a broad knowledge of ethnic folk music forms from around the world like Celtic, gypsy, blue grass, tango, choro, Slavic, etc. We want the best musicians from the region.

The Muck commits to the mission of providing the community with experiences that stimulate creativity and imagination and conserving the heritage of the Muckenthaler Estate. A National Register building in its 48th year, the multiple award-winning Muckenthaler produces more than 80 performances, gallery exhibits, festivals and special events; and more than 2,000 hours of arts education classes. The Muck also helps eight outreach sites serving more than 30,000 people every year.

The Muckenthaler Cultural Center Foundation, is located at 1201 West Malvern Avenue, Fullerton California 92833. For more information about this or other events at the Muck, please visit

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