Friday, February 2, 2007

End o' week musings

To end a crazy week on a high note, I'm sharing more NAMM photos with you taken by my friend, Danny Narvaiz of Dans Photography, soon to be photographer-of-the-stars! I'm also sharing a photo of me with the legendary Jim Marshall of Marshall Amps that was taken by my very good friend and publisher of, Dave Schwartz.
I've been having a tough go of things, as I've undergone fours days of allergy testing, which included being stuck 24 times with needles in my arms during two of the visits and having the extremely itchy "patch" testing on my back. If you've never had the joy of this experience, you would probably find the ink lines on my back quite amusing. They draw a big grid so they know where which allergen is.... and I was hoping for a dot-to-dot bunny! But alas, perhaps this could work to my advantage, as I could use the reddest square to select my bet in the Super Bowl pool or perhaps the grid would better my odds at Bingo. Such is life and everything will be sunny after I stop itching and get some decent sleep!
My other letdown is that someone helped themselves to a CD that was left on my desk by a co-worker who had borrowed it and I have only had the chance to listen to it once! Well, I hope the person gets a guilty feeling and returns it... if not, I hope they enjoy it.
In rotation this week: Upground, J. Geils Band, Billy Squire, Joe Walla and Ken Waldman.
May the sun shine a bit brighter over me - and you - next time we meet and
keep on rockin'

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