Friday, February 16, 2007

End o' week musings

What a week!! But it was a good thing.

On Tuesday I attended a photography lecture by Karl Larsen. He is Velvet Revolver's photographer and works for Rolling Stone magazine as well. He shared a clutch of interesting stories, along with a selection of his work. There were photos of Areosmith, The Doors, Guns 'n' Roses, Slash's Snake Pit and more.

Thursday afternoon I headed out to Hollywood for Rock and Roll Fantasy Band Camp. I had to go through the audition process, where an industry panel watches you perform and decides which bands to place people in. I had selected "Proud Mary" from their list, as it's simple enough if you get too nervous, plus easy to fancy-up if you're feeling strong. Well, I had a blast. But then who wouldn't with the band I had supporting me- Teddy Andreadi, Skunk Baxter, Simon Kirke, Kelly Keagy, Jane Wiedlin and a few other pros! Today I went back to learn about how the bands get their act together and on Monday I'll be going to the concert. I'm writing about this adventure, so I'll let you know when you can read and watch my adventures.

Last night I also went to the Moody Blues concert in Pasadena. My review should be posted online tonight at Check it out!

In rotation this week: Orange Sky, Requisite, a bunch of oldies and Tribe of Gypsies (over and over!)

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