Friday, February 9, 2007

End o' week musings

Whew! What a week! Between my busy schedule and all the weird news, it made me want to curl up in my jammies with my Babe stuffed pig doll and hide from the world for a few days.

Last weekend I went to an art soiree at McGinty's Gallery at the End of the World in Altadena. I'll admit that I didn't care for all of the exhibits, but many of them were very interesting. The range of work ensured that there was plenty to catch everyone's eyes and it was even better because the artists were there and enjoyed talking to you about their pieces.

The price of admission, $5, included dinner and non-alcoholic beverages if you wished and I had a "Brownie spoonful" of everything- my compliments to the chefs. You had to purchase a drink ticket if you wanted wine, beer or a cocktail, but this was cool because the ticket doubled as a raffle ticket and you might win an object d' art from one of the artist to hang on your wall at home.

The highlight of the evening, for me, was running into old friends. I almost walked into Cupcake, a beyond-cool dude who actually plays in a famous band we won't name, who I used to work with when I did a "G-Man's Freak Show" (, a cable television show taped in Marina Del Rey. We had a great time catching up on things. Another favorite man in my life is Richard Reese. He's a Pasadena staple and knows almost everyone, but what makes him the most fun is his musical history knowledge. He doesn't have a head full of trivia because he's lived it and I get another chunk of the story every time we get together. Richard discovered a piano in one of the galleries, sat down at it and started pounding out some boogie woogie and ragtime. A crowd soon gathered and cheered him on. He claims he can't read music, but we don't care because he can play! For more info on this groovy little gallery and its upcoming shows, visit

Last night I went with my friends Linda and John to the Coffee Gallery Backstage ( which, oddly enough, is also in Altadena down the street from the gallery. We went to see Ken Waldman, a fiddler, poet and storyteller, along with his band, The Secret Visitors. We heard a wealth of traditional and original bluegrass and old-time music, as well as poems about George Bush, Alaska and life on the road and stories of Ken's many adventures.
"It's like a warm hug. It's cuddly and soothing," Linda said of Ken's performance.
John smiled all the way through and vowed to bring his kids with him when Ken does a show nearby again. As for me, I've been charmed by Ken's easygoing manner and way with words and strings ever since I heard him for the first time, which has been several years. I've been following his career - and his travels - as he shares his world with me via e-mail and letters. I can't tell you how excited I get when I see the envelope with his familiar Anchorage, Alaska return address scrawl! Check out this honest, talented and wonderful man at

What's this stuff about Ozzfest being free this year? Although it's a nice idea, I truly wonder how many venues will really agree to open their doors to this and how hard it will be to acquire the required free tickets from sponsors. It's no secret that Devore and San Bernardino County hasn't been all that thrilled about the annual event ever since a highway patrol officer was killed years ago. Plus the crowd there can get wild to just short of being out of control. And then there's the consessions prices- how much will they charge for water this time around? or beer? or parking for that matter. You know that the venue will want to make up the loss somewhere. Well, we'll see what happens as the concert dates are announced. Your thoughts???

Lastly, Anna, Anna, Anna Nicole. It seems split around here between those who don't care and those who seem glad she's gone. I never had any personal connection to her, although I did watch her TV show occasionally, so I didn't shed any tears, but it is a sad situation. I was mad at her when her son died, as I think she should have been a better parent and tried to be more aware of what he was doing. On the other hand, I realize that sometimes that's even hard for "regular" parents. My concern now is with her baby. This child may grow up with money, but it will take more than that to deal with the problems of growing up as Anna Nicole's kid. I hope someone can make the child aware of Anna's good qualities and push the positive so the criticism and negativity won't be so hard to handle.
In rotation: Orange Sky, Aerosmith, Dick Clark's big hits volumes 1-4, Jim Marshall and a compilation disk featuring Neil Young, lots of Rolling Stones and a ton of classic rocker tunes.

May the coming week be peaceful except for a big adventure or two or three or....
Keep on rockin',


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